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Daily Mail Lifts Scientific American Blog Running Ponies? Compare Bec Crew’s Work To Damien Gayle’s Bobbit Worm…

What caught my eye this morning? Well, read this article, on Bec Crew's Running Ponies - Eunice aphroditois is rainbow, terrifying (which I did, a few days ago) read this one - Skinny dipping will never seem like a good idea again: The 10ft-long rainbow 'bobbit worm' that uses scissors to slice prey in two. It's by Damien Gayle in the Daily Mail.Does it look familiar?Here, use this image to help you compare - thanks to Professor Funk for all the hard work annotating, and int … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – Head Drop Illusion

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Little Kitten – 2012 Japan Juggling Festival – Contact Juggler Akihiro Yanai

Sorry for broken link - fixed and thanks for the comments! 2012 Japan Juggling Festival, held in Tokyo - here's juggler  Akihiro Yanai with six astonishing minutes (FYI: there's a few contact jugglers that I caught up with in my city recently, it's not easy to do). … [Read more...]

Lana Wachowski’s Human Rights Campaign’s Annual Gala Dinner Speech

Writer, producer and director Lana Wachowski on receiving the Human Rights Campaign's Visibility Award. Lana has been part of the team that created 'The Matrix' trilogy and her new movie 'Cloud Atlas' is set to be released October 26th, 2012. Transcript here. … [Read more...]

Aww. Nineteen Species Of Ferns Named After Lady Gaga

Not exactly what I'd associate the singer with, but as I've investigated nomenclature and odd links to pop culture figures before... I guess I shouldn't be too surprised.From Duke Today -Nineteen Species of Fern Named for Lady Gaga: At one stage of its life, the new genus Gaga has somewhat fluid definitions of gender and bears a striking resemblance to one of Gaga's famous costumes. Members of the new genus also bear a distinct DNA sequence spelling GAGA. ...Pryer freely admits that she and … [Read more...]

Melbourne! Over 50 Years Of Age? Documentary “Jabbed” Needs Your Story!

You may have recently read my interview with Sonya Pemberton on the CSICOP website, "Decoding Immortality and Jabbed: Love, Fear and Vaccines" - here's an update on the next documentary, if you can help! Did you survive: Polio, Flu, Diphtheria, Whooping Cough, Measles, Mumps or Rubella? ‘Genepool Productions' seeks people over the age of fifty to share their stories of growing up in a time when vaccine preventable disease was the norm. We would love to hear and film your story for both a na … [Read more...]

Videos From #ScienceRewired – See The Talks Online! #SRW12

Firstly, another huge thanks to everyone involved with ScienceRewired - and to Bora for giving my blogging of the event a shout-out on the Scientific American site!Here's a few highlights; check out the Vimeo site for more.Digital Citizen Science Platforms from ScienceRewired on Vimeo. Discover how citizen science is making use of digital mediums to engage with the public and address key scientific questions. Features John La Salle Director, Atlas of Living Australia - - and … [Read more...]

Edinburgh Skeptics Book Group – The Scope Of Skepticism (With Bonus Discussion Questions)!

Wahhh! How to cheer me up, lesson one - hold a book club about my book! People in Edinburgh, check it out! Book Group – The Scope of Skepticism Sunday, 11th November, The Counting House, 36 West Nicolson Street, Edinburgh.Kylie Sturgess writes for a number of skeptical organizations and publications, teaches philosophy at the high school and college level, and serves on the JREF’s educational advisory panel... She recently compiled various interviews and transcriptions from her podcast, and m … [Read more...]

The Hamster Wheel – Women in The Media

Must watch. … [Read more...]

PAXAustralia Now Selling

I guess, like many others, I thought that there'd be a few weeks announcement before this was broadcast as tickets-now-available - but here you go: After much speculation, the first international PAX will be held in Melbourne, Australia from the 19th to the 21st of July. Registration is now open, with 3 day passes and single day passes available. More details regarding the exhibitors, tournaments, concerts and special guests will be announced during the lead up to the show, so be sure to check ba … [Read more...]

Vale Father Of Secular Humanism, Paul Kurtz – December 21, 1925 – October 21, 2012

EDITED - Added videos at end. As Josh Rosenau wrote on Twitter: Paul Kurtz, skeptic and humanist extraordinaire, has died. Founded CFI, CSH, CSI, Prometheus Books, etc. Changed the world. Was 86. Wikipedia features: Paul Kurtz was a prominent American skeptic and secular humanist. He has been called "the father of secular humanism". He is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at the State University of New York at Buffalo, having previously also taught at Vassar, Trinity, and Union colleges, and the … [Read more...]