One of my favorite poets, Amir Sulaiman, once said, “We’re just trying to make Black History but it’s like they’re trying to make blacks history.”In order to justify its existence, the white power structure tells lies. In its parasitic and demented mind, slavery and colonialism was needed to ‘civilize’ Africans. The contemporary impoverished status of Africa, is seen as result of the inherent intellectual inferiority of the African mind.In a challenge to these myths, political scientist Walter Rodney published the… Read more

Fashion designer and blogger Amena Khan, the first woman in a hijab to appear in a L’Oreal hair care campaign, recently stepped down from the campaign after controversy erupted over uncovered tweets from 2014, which were deemed to be “anti-Israel.” In response, Khan stated,”I deeply regret the content of the tweets I made in 2014, and sincerely apologise for the upset and hurt they have caused.” L’Oreal welcomed the apology and agreed with her decision to step down. But what… Read more

  “I believe that there will ultimately be a clash between the oppressed and those that do the oppressing. “ — Malcolm X The Islam of Black Revolutionaries in Haiti    As the black population of Haiti suffered under  slavery, escaped slaves formulated independent communities in the mountainous regions of Haiti. However, they were not merely content with their own freedom but began organizing slave rebellions against white plantation owners  to free black people at large. This soon resulted in… Read more

  Anytime,  I hear a White Evangelical Christian ranting and raving about how Muslims belong to a violent, extremist, religion that spread by the sword based upon some propaganda they heard on Fox News or their friends, I just scoff. That’s because they are clearly projecting. Within the field of  psychology, the theory of  projection is utilized to explain how humans defend themselves against their unconscious impulses and qualities by denying their existence in themselves and attributing them to others…. Read more

President Donald Trump declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel on December 6.   This was celebrated by ‘israeli’ prime minister, Netanyahu who said, “this is a historic day” and he preceded to thank Trump. Why would Israeli, prime minister Netanyahu look for Trump, a man who repeatedly uses the racial slur “pocahontas” in reference to Native Americans, to grant legitimacy to ‘israel’ choosing Jerusalem as its capital? The reality is, both “israel” (stolen Palestine) and the “united states” (Stolen Turtle Island)… Read more

       The characterization of “Israel” as an apartheid state in reference to its systemic oppression of Palestinians has received much criticisms and pushback from Zionists. They assert that Pro-Palestinian Boycott and Divestment activists who classify “Israel” in this manner are erroneous and unfairly targeting Israel. However, history tells a different story. What often is omitted from scholarly and contemporary discussions about Israeli apartheid is their culpability in the development of apartheid South Africa.  The relationship between officials in… Read more

    The Muslim Empowerment Institute’s own, Hakeem Muhammad, will be presenting his paper, The Islam of Black Revolutionaries.”  as well as a synopsis of the MEI publication, “From the Back of the Bus, to the Back of the Camel: Analyzing the Psychology of Toby Muhammad” at Howard University on September 29-30th. If you’re in the area, please participate in the 1st Annual Conference: Islam and the Black American: From African Roots to American Fruit. Read more

The Islam of Black revolutionaries was in full effect during the 1977 courtroom trial of Black Freedom fighter, Assata Shakur.   Instead of accepting her role as the defendant, the Black freedom fighters in the courtroom took the role of the prosecutor seeking to hold the U.S judicial system and the government accountable for its crimes against Black people.[1] Islam was an integral part of this endeavor.   During her trial, Assata Shakur states people throughout the Black community came, interrupted… Read more

  (Editorial Note:  In this article, Hakeem Muhammad responds to critics of his previous article,”Why Hamza Yusuf Cannot teach Black people Islam.” )   Hamza Yusuf is thoroughly and categorically unqualified to teach Black people Islam. The very fact that many Muslims found my last article,” Why Hamza Yusuf cannot teach Black people Islam,”  to be so controversial only demonstrates how complicit the “American Muslim community” is in anti-blackness and maintaining Black American Muslims in an interpretation of Islam that… Read more

Which statements is out of place in relation to the other? A) Civil rights legislation will never solve our problems. The white liberals are nothing but political hypocrites who use our people as political footballs only to  get bills passed that will increase their own power. ” Malcolm X.  B) Black people did not create the laws in this country[…] The laws that keep them up, keep us down.  You got to begin to understand that brother. ”  Imam Jamil… Read more

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