Anti-Sharia Protests: A Black Muslim Response

 The organization “ACT for America” organized several anti-Islam rallies across the United States, June 10,  based upon the theme of “Stop Sharia Now.” The organization states its mission is to inform the public as to what exactly sharia is and, “how it is creeping into American society.”  At the core of these demonstrations is the [Read More…]

Hakeem speaks on the Ramadan Prayer Line.

    This Ramadan, I had the opportunity to address the believers on day eight of the Ramadan Prayer Line. I spoke on the historic bahia slave rebellion and why we must take this Ramadan as an opportunity to increase our self-discipline and will power to fight oppression.   The slavemaster worked to extinguish the light [Read More…]

Bill Maher: Why Now the Outrage?

Comedian Bill Maher’s use of the term “house n—” to describe himself on his show, Real Time, has attracted both criticism and outrage [Read more…]

Reviving the Islamic Agenda of Malcolm X!

Malcolm X’s birthday is over. Muslims everywhere celebrated his life. But when are we going to try and pick up where he left off?  Malcolm X was a man who believed that, “the most fertile area for Islam in the West is the Black American. “ In order to plant and harvest such seeds, this inherently necessitated a [Read More…]

What Happened to Black American Muslims?

Editorial Note:  (This is a guest post from brother Hameed of Muslim Empowerment Institute. This blog post  is excerpted from a chapter of  the forthcoming book written by Brother Hameed titled,“Toby Muhammad: From The Back of the Bus To The Back Of the Camel.) The Nation of Islam was not only the predecessor of Islam [Read More…]

The Black Muslim State of Emergency

    Join us this Saturday April 29, 2017 at 8pm EST – Islam In America Movement on American Muslim 360 – BlogTalk Radio for an enlightening and empowering discussion: Imam Amin Nathari and special guests, Hakeem Muhammad – activist, law student and creator/blogger of the thought forum Truth to Power and Brother Hameed – [Read More…]

Black Muslims in Baltimore: Community Clean Up!

   “If you want to live in a better community, make your community a better place to live.” The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Due to the crumbling infrastructures, West Baltimore’s black communities have often been described as, “abandoned and left for dead.” Despite this widespread neglect of  black Baltimore , one entity that has not abandoned them are their [Read More…]

Toby Muhammad: From the Back of the Bus to the Back of the Camel!

 Attributes of Toby Muhammad  Are you a black Muslim whose foreign exported interpretation of Islam has led to you becoming hyper focused upon issuing criticisms of others? Are you now devoting a disproportionate amount of time studying the alleged deviations and innovations of scholars from the past to present? Have you began to operate under the [Read More…]

Hakeem addresses Shaykh Hamza Yusuf’s disrespect of the Black Community

The following is a short clip at my lecture at Howard University’s Muslim Student Association addressing Shaykh Hamza Yusuf’s disrespectful pathologizing of the black community at the Reviving the Islamic Spirit Conference. I further discuss how the cowardly and spineless response of black Muslim “leadership” was completely antithetical to the persona of Malcolm X who [Read More…]

Hakeem’s Malcolm X lecture at Howard MSA.

  Thanks to Muslimarc and HowardMSA, I will be speaking on my article, “Do Not Speak to Me about Malcolm X” at Howard University.   The topics discussed will encompass: How Muslims have systematically abandoned what Malcolm X stood for and the actions Black Muslims take to continue the Islamic agenda of Malcolm X. Why Masjids [Read More…]