Black Muslims in Baltimore: Community Clean Up!

   “If you want to live in a better community, make your community a better place to live.” The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Due to the crumbling infrastructures, West Baltimore’s black communities have often been described as, “abandoned and left for dead.” Despite this widespread neglect of  black Baltimore , one entity that has not abandoned them are their [Read More…]

Toby Muhammad: From the Back of the Bus to the Back of the Camel!

 Attributes of Toby Muhammad  Are you a black Muslim whose foreign exported interpretation of Islam has led to you becoming hyper focused upon issuing criticisms of others? Are you now devoting a disproportionate amount of time studying the alleged deviations and innovations of scholars from the past to present? Have you began to operate under the [Read More…]

Hakeem addresses Shaykh Hamza Yusuf’s disrespect of the Black Community

The following is a short clip at my lecture at Howard University’s Muslim Student Association addressing Shaykh Hamza Yusuf’s disrespectful pathologizing of the black community at the Reviving the Islamic Spirit Conference. I further discuss how the cowardly and spineless response of black Muslim “leadership” was completely antithetical to the persona of Malcolm X who [Read More…]

Hakeem’s Malcolm X lecture at Howard MSA.

  Thanks to Muslimarc and HowardMSA, I will be speaking on my article, “Do Not Speak to Me about Malcolm X” at Howard University.   The topics discussed will encompass: How Muslims have systematically abandoned what Malcolm X stood for and the actions Black Muslims take to continue the Islamic agenda of Malcolm X. Why Masjids [Read More…]

The Connected Ministries of Malcolm and Farrakhan!

  In my last article, I stated, “Do not speak to me of Malcolm X if you believe the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has no valuable insights to contribute to the betterment of the Black Muslim community.”  In response, I received several “hate-mail” from critics who harbor anti-NOI/anti-Farrakhan sentiments claiming their views are a product of [Read More…]

Questions from a Black Muslim Activist to Islamic Scholars.

As-Salaam Alakium, Recently, there have been numerous discussions predicated upon seeking to increase dialogue between Islamic scholars and various Muslim activists. Many people have sought to create initiatives to bring Muslim activist more under the tutelage and guidance of Islamic scholars.  In light of this, I would like to pose a question directed to Islamic scholars [Read More…]

The Racial Disparity in Islamic Education.

  “I need to know if I can attend the university to test myself against the best students in the world,” states Kunta Kinta, in the recently remade Roots mini-series. Unfortunately, his ambitions as a student of knowledge at Timbuktu never came to fruition, as he was kidnapped and taken to the Americas. Though Roots is largely [Read More…]

Reclaiming the Mosque for Black Liberation!

Once upon a time to be Muslim in America was synonymous with black consciousness and automatically connoted a commitment to improving the condition of black life. Hip-hop mogul Russel Simmons describes his childhood neighborhood as containing, ”a mosque, a rehab and a Steak and Take which was all owned and operated by the black Muslims.” [Read More…]

Do Not Speak To Me About Malcolm X.

Dear Muslims: Is your masjid is simply a prayer place in an affluent suburb with no engagement with black folks in the hood at the bottom of the socio-economic hierarchy? If this is the case, do not speak to me about Malcolm X. Is your masjid a place that you merely go to engage in [Read More…]

To Know Muslim History is to Know Black History.

True Black history has been obfuscated and replaced with nefarious Eurocentric myths. Africa is portrayed as a place without history: primitive, inferior and impoverished. The noble descendants of Africa are by extension portrayed as incompetent and inconsequential actors in world history. To counter these Eurocentric tall-tells that masquerade as objective history, Carter G. Woodson first proposed [Read More…]