Why Hamza Yusuf Can’t Teach Black People Islam!

  Islam spread in Black America, because of Black Muslims who boldly spoke against white supremacy.  Black Muslims worked to raise the self-esteem of ordinary Black folks which had been destroyed in a white supremacist society. Islam, was active in mitigating the social ills of the Black ghetto, from drug addictions, gang violence, poor education, and raising political awareness and consciousness. Today, considered by some to be a leader in the Muslim community “Shaykh” Hamza Yusuf blatantly disrespects the legacy… Read more

Charlottesville: Who Are the True Faces of White Supremacy?

When we talk about white supremacy and white supremacists, if we are to truly make progress in our political analysis, we need to start thinking of governments and politicians, not just “hate groups.” Read more

Black Muslims and Community Engagement.

  “When the police, government and educational systems have abandoned us, The Nation of Islam was always there.  When we’ve needed an economic program, they’ve worked to put one together.  When our role models were being shipped away to American slave camps (aka prisons), the men of The Nation of Islam were the cleanest, sharpest, most articulate and polite men in the entire neighborhood.” Boyce Watkins, an American author, economist, political analyst, and social commentator.    “When I grew up in… Read more

Imam Haron & The Myth of a Post-Apartheid South Africa

On July 18th,   Nelson Mandela Day took place as people from all walks of life celebrated the work of the former political prisoner and Black freedom fighter:Nelson Mandela. Mandela struggled against the apartheid regime, which made life for everyday Black people unbearable. Apartheid South Africa ostracized indigenous populations from power and control of their destinies, confined Blacks to a tiny landmass in desolate homes, barred Blacks from a decent livelihood, established an asymmetrical relationship of exploitation and subservience, and, in… Read more

The Islam of Black Revolutionaries.

” You don’t have a revolution in which you are begging the system of exploitation to integrate you into it.” — Malcolm X The Islam of Black revolutionaries was born from African resistance to the transatlantic slave trade, colonialism, and global white supremacy. The Islam of Black revolutionaries does not concern itself with the white gaze nor appeasing white fears about Islam.   Its primary focus is the liberation, concerns, and aspiration of Black people.  A return to Black revolutionary Islam necessitates… Read more

Black Muslims and Internalized Self-Hatred

   Toby Muhammad: From the Back of the Bus to the Back Of the Camel! Purchase August 1st.   Read more

What to the Black Muslim is Your Fourth of July?

Fed up with being subjected to taxation without representation, American settlers revolted against the British Empire.  In commemoration, this July 4th, Americans will be lighting fireworks and celebrating individuals such as George Washington, Patrick Henry,  and Thomas Jefferson as great patriotic revolutionaries instrumental in freeing American citizens from the subjugation of the British Empire.  As a Black Muslim,  I will not be celebrating. Why? In a comparative analysis of the social political conditions facing Black folks relative to English settlers,… Read more

The Black Power Politics of Malcolm X

Throughout his life, Malcolm X’s political and theological views constantly evolved.  However,  several core elements never changed. One was his recognition of white supremacy as a global political system that had to be vehemently opposed.  Malcolm explained, “The economy, the politics, the civil life of America is controlled by the white man.”  Political scientist Charles Mills advances this analysis; the United States is often falsely conceived of as a raceless liberal democracy instead of what it actually is: a white supremacist… Read more

Who taught you to hate yourself?

      Read more

Who Decides Who Are Our Muslim Heroes?

Black Muslims from Imam El Hajj Malik El Shabazz(Malcolm X)  to Muhammad Ali took unapologetic stances against involvement in U.S imperialistic wars.  Muhammad Ali, stated, “My conscience won’t let me go shoot my brother, or some darker people, or some poor hungry people in the mud for big powerful America.” Ali was informed that his talents would be used to provide entertainment for soldiers and  that would not be placed in any actual military combat operations. Still, Ali insisted  he would not… Read more

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