Why Didn’t God Become a Dog?

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The other day I asked my students in theology why God became a human rather than a dog. The point of the question was to get them to think through the theo-logic and significance of the incarnation.In our generation, we don’t think often of terms like nature and essence; so talk of Jesus being of the same nature as God in his deity and the same nature as us in our humanity does not always seem so important to many. Rather, we are often taken with categories pertaining to existential, p … [Read more...]

Interstellar and Entangled Ethics


I watched Interstellar over the weekend and reflected on some of the reviews. My favorite review is by David Brooks in The New York Times titled “Love and Gravity.” Brooks highlights themes in the movie that also stood out to me. In a world where people all too often function as if we are still operating in a Newtonian-like framework of cogs and atomistic parts where individuals and their tribes compete for survival, I found the movie refreshing and metaphysically appealing. Here is what Brooks h … [Read more...]

Jesus Forgives World Debt

Christ and Money

Jesus came to forgive world debt. We find Jesus making this claim in Luke 4:16-30, when he reads from Isaiah’s scroll. He tells those around him in the synagogue who listen to him read that the Spirit of the Lord is on him in a singularly unique way. He will bring freedom from bondage to sin, including its hold on various spheres of our lives. Jesus is Jubilee justice. “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,because he has anointed meto proclaim good news to the poor.He has sent me to pro … [Read more...]

How Should We Live If Humanity Is the “Biological Boot Loader for Digital Superintelligence”?


Is humanity the “biological boot loader for digital superintelligence,” as billionaire Elon Musk fears? The original source for Musk’s statement is a tweet where he writes: “Hope we're not just the biological boot loader for digital superintelligence. Unfortunately, that is increasingly probable.” Musk, who funds SpaceX and Tesla, fears that artificial intelligence is “potentially more dangerous than nukes.” (See James Vincent’s article, “Elon Musk says artificial intelligence is ‘more dangerous … [Read more...]

Framing Ferguson: If Black Lives Don’t Matter, No One’s Life Matters

michael brown

Black lives matter. If Black lives don’t matter, no one’s life matters.I spoke on this subject yesterday in my contemporary theology and ethics class at Multnomah Biblical Seminary, where I teach. I reflected on this theme against the backdrop of yesterday’s class session featuring Dr. Martin Luther King and his prophetic reflections on the Vietnam War and the impending decision by the Grand Jury in the Michael Brown case.Dr. King spoke of the “triple evils of racism, economic exploit … [Read more...]

“Before (____) was, I AM.”

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Not many of us are fixated with Abraham or allegiance to Israel. Jesus’ audience in John 8 was. In John 8, Jesus challenges those who had believed in his message to move beyond accepting his word as true to accepting him as the Truth (John 8:31-38). They placed him in the company of Abraham, but they did not see him as greater than Abraham (John 8:31-59). Jesus told them that Abraham longed to see his day and was glad that it had finally arrived (John 8:56). As the father of faith and the nation … [Read more...]

Cloning & Racism


Are opponents to cloning racist? This question came to my mind while watching the science-fiction film The Creation of the Humanoids. The movie is set against a background of a post-nuclear war disaster, which destroyed over ninety percent of humanity; moreover, the human race is no longer able to procreate at a replaceable level because of radiation; so, the population continues to decrease in numbers. As a result, scientists create highly advanced, blue-skinned and silver-eyed humanoids of … [Read more...]