Black History Month Is Almost Over. Now We Can Return to White History Year

A White friend of mine from Oregon met with African American civil rights leader Tom Skinner years ago in Washington, D.C. During their conversation, Mr. Skinner asserted that my friend was a racist. His response, "Tom, how can I be a racist? I don't even know any Black people!" As he recalls it now, my friend chuckles. He realizes how foolish his response sounded: just because we who are White might not know any Black people or have not consciously engaged in racist activity, still we may be … [Read more...]

What Keeps You Going? Reflections on “Eddie the Eagle”—A Film for Life

***Warning Possible Spoilers Ahead for the Movie Eddy the Eagle*** There are so many things that can make one want to give up or just try to get by. Some will even succeed without ever really trying or giving it their best because of a fear of failure. But then there are those who will overcome huge obstacles and disappointments and give it their all; even if they don’t win gold at the Olympics, they triumph because they leave everything they’ve got on the mountain. So it is with the … [Read more...]

Who Trumped God? Reflections on the Debate between Donald Trump and Pope Francis

According to, “To trump is to outrank or defeat someone or something, often in a highly public way.”Who trumped God this past week—Donald Trump or Pope Francis? Both public figures made public pronouncements on faith. When asked about Trump’s call to have Mexico build a wall between its borders with the U.S., Pope Francis claimed that someone fixated with building walls rather than bridges is not Christian. Trump shot back that the Pope has no right to question another person’ … [Read more...]

Is Christ Divided? A Reflection on David Gushee’s Call for a Great Evangelical Divorce

Many people find tensions among Christian groups exhausting. No doubt, some were able to take a breath when they read David Gushee’s article on conservative and progressive evangelicals. While Gushee laments the division, he suggests that the two groups go their separate ways: Conservative and progressive evangelicals need to let each other go their separate ways, acknowledging that despite shared faith in Christ we have become two separate religious communities. Our fighting is doing no one an … [Read more...]

Can We Transfer Consciousness to Synthetic Bodies without the Move Proving Catastrophic?

Can we transfer consciousness to synthetic bodies without the move proving problematic, even catastrophic? The move would be made easier if we are ghosts in fleshly machines who are not vitally connected to our bodies, and who can fly about freely in cyberspace. But are we ghosts in fleshly machines?For those like myself who think we are embodied beings rather than ghosts in fleshly machines, we may fear the loss of our point of reference as humans, if we transfer consciousness to synthetic … [Read more...]

Pushing the Outer Limits of Humanity and Its Bearing on Space Travel: The Trans-human Quest

In a recent post, I noted E. O. Wilson’s rejection of the idea of possibly improving humanity, such as altering our emotional states. For Wilson, the only thing that separates us from super-intelligent robots is our emotions. See “Jesus ‘became what we are so that we can become what he is’–an astronaut, an alien, a trans-human?” Here’s what Wilson says in an interview with SPIEGEL: Do we really want to improve ourselves? Humans are a very young species, in geologic terms, and that’s probably why … [Read more...]

Who Gets Left Behind If We Must Abandon Earth for Space?

Who gets left behind if we must abandon earth as a species for space? Now some might consider the answer to the question to be a secularized version of Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins’ Left Behind series drama: instead of answering in the affirmative to “Do you believe in Jesus?” be able to answer in the negative to “Do you have bad genes?” More on that later. For now, let it be said that “Who gets left behind if we must abandon earth as a species for space?” is by no means an abstract one, if we ac … [Read more...]