Theological Health and Healthcare

What makes for healthy theology on the subject of healthcare?I suppose it all depends on which theologian you are asking. From my vantage point, drawing as I do from certain Trinitarian thought forms, one must be attentive to guard against the extremes of individualism and collectivism respectively. The ground of all reality is neither an individual(s) in isolation who is selfishly concerned nor a collective without distinctive particularity and responsibility. God is three distinct persons … [Read more...]

The High Costs of Healthcare in the Free Market

121203 P Warren Buffett to the Rescue

The jury is still out on Obamacare. Opinions vary.If somehow it were shut down or largely gutted, what would be done to curb the spiraling costs associated with healthcare in America’s free market economy? If the Affordable Care Act goes forward untouched, will it be able to address the problem based on “market incentives” rather than by “government decree,” as one columnist noted?What’s the solution to making quality healthcare affordable? I believe we all want quality, affordable health … [Read more...]

Myths We Live By? Voter Fraud & Jim Crow Dead and Gone

A friend asked me the following questions based on my blog post with Tom Krattenmaker on the recent change to the Voting Rights Act:“Should unqualified individuals be allowed to vote? How do you propose to address voter fraud in a way that is more extremely simple and fair as providing qualifying identification?”In response, we first need to ask if voter fraud is really such a big issue requiring enormous legislation, or if it is greatly exaggerated. Here’s what New York University’s Bren … [Read more...]

Aborting Healthcare for the Human Unborn

One of my fears with screening fetuses for diseases and handicaps, among other things, is the desire to abort “unwanted” pregnancies. Please don’t take this as a right or left thing. The commodification of human identity is no respecter of partisan politics. The danger exists that the market will govern the totality of our lives, no matter our political stripe. However, it does not govern the biblical narrative’s emphasis on the sacredness of human identity. To put a spin on Jesus’ words, it is n … [Read more...]

A Healthcare Conundrum? Hip Replacements for the Terminally Ill


What do you do? You are a healthcare administrator and you have to make a decision. You have a patient with terminal cancer who needs a hip replacement. While the hip replacement would increase mobility, the operation would cost untold thousands of dollars. There is also the fear of complications that can result for patients with terminal illnesses. Here's what one study said about a few of the challenges, Advanced cancer, severe cardiac and pulmonary disease, and other disorders that threaten o … [Read more...]

The Voting Rights Act and Post-Racialized America—Can We Vote on That?

By Paul Louis Metzger and Tom KrattenmakerWhy is it that while talk abounds of growing racial diversity in our country, a new wave of voting restrictions is sweeping over parts of the country and falling hardest on minorities? Perhaps there is more than coincidence at play.The Supreme Court’s reframing of the Voting Rights Act to make the individual states responsible for overseeing voting procedures has led many to fear the return of Jim Crow era policies to the country’s polling place … [Read more...]

Beyond Obamacare vs. the Affordable Care Act: Caring for Healthcare Complexities


Jimmy Kimmel recently aired interviews of people who were asked which they preferred and why—Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act.  Person after person interviewed and taped preferred Affordable Care Act. As you probably know, the interviews were coordinated to expose people’s ignorance: Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are one and the same.One person interviewed whose ignorance is exposed responds in the affirmative to the question about whether or not a well-informed public is esse … [Read more...]