Share Jesus’ Prayer

Listen to this sermon.John 17 gives us an up close and personal disclosure of Jesus one on one with his Father, where he shares his heart with God. It is the longest of Jesus' recorded prayers in the New Testament gospels. One might be tempted to say that we are flies on the wall or on a tree in the garden. Better than that, we are participants in Jesus' prayer. Jesus includes us in his prayer. We are here because of it. What a privilege! Jesus shares his prayer for us with us. Let's share … [Read more...]


Crash is one of my favorite movies. It addresses the themes of objectification and fragmentation surrounding racial tensions in Los Angeles. The movie opens with a car crash involving two police detectives. One of the L.A. detectives (played by Don Cheadle) sits in a stationery car and reflects out loud upon how people in L.A. are always living behind glass and metal. As a result, they miss the touch of others; and so, they crash into one another so as to feel a sense of connection.At least … [Read more...]

HIV/AIDS and the Health of Our Souls

People have diseases, but they are not diseases. How we respond to those with diseases like HIV/AIDS might reveal to us the diseased state or health of our own souls.Years ago friends of mine adopted a small child from another country who was later discovered to be HIV positive. The authorities said that the child could be returned, which the parents declined to do. He may be carrying a disease bearing a global stigma, but he is not the disease; he is a person who bears God's image and their … [Read more...]

Did Lincoln Die in Vain?

A 2011 TIME Magazine article, “The Civil War, 150 Years Later,” claims that we’re still fighting the Civil War. The sub-heading of the article includes these lines, “North and South shared the burden of slavery, and after the war, they shared in forgetting about it.” The front cover bears a picture of Lincoln shedding a tear and includes the words: “The endless battle over the war’s true cause would make Lincoln weep.” Did Lincoln die in vain?While the causes of the Civil War were complex, sl … [Read more...]

“Good Will Hunting” & Hunting for Fathers

A friend once said to me that he was drawn to Jesus, but did not know what to make of Jesus' Father. I can appreciate his sentiment in view of how many people today struggle with the painful memories of difficult and traumatic childhood experiences. Many individuals have found their own fathers abusive and/or absent. So often, we spend our lives running from painful memories involving fathers or hunting for father figures who will care for us.If the Gospel of John had been written in our d … [Read more...]

Whose Side Is God On?

All too often, religious folk like me tend to think God is on our side. The question is not, “Is God on our side?” The question is, “Are we on God’s side?” Even that question is difficult to answer. How do we know if we are on God’s side? Presumption and hubris so often set in, as we maintain we can do no wrong because God has blessed our plans. A great deal of wrong is often done based upon such over-confidence.People in the North and South during the Civil War claimed that God was with thei … [Read more...]

Religious Freedoms and the Golden Rule

By Paul Louis Metzger and John W. Morehead*    Introduction Over the course of recent weeks three high profile events have taken place with serious ramifications for freedoms of speech and religion. They provide Evangelicals and other Christian groups with opportunities for reflection on citizenship and discipleship in a multi-faith world. We will summarize each of the events and then proceed to reflect on what Evangelicals can take away from them.   Three Events Municipal Prayers in New Yo … [Read more...]