“Hell’s Bells” and Lasik Eye Surgery


Listen to this piece.Last night as I was driving home, I turned to a classic rock station that was playing AC/DC’s song, “Hell’s Bells.” The menacing tune with ‘for whom the bell tolls’ sounds might or might not be intended to send chills down the listener’s back with talk of Satan’s impending grip on you. Whatever the case might be, the song did not appear to have any grip or impact on what followed: a wide-ranging infomercial and light-hearted discussion on such topics as Lasik eye surgery. … [Read more...]

Zombie Mania—How It Affects Us All


Listen to this piece.There’s so much interest in zombies today due to The Walking Dead television series and video games with zombies, among other things. In preparing my piece on Ezekiel’s vision of the valley where the vast army of dry bones comes to life, I even came upon a reflection comparing this army to zombies. Zombie mania.Zombie mania raises all kinds of interest on a variety of subjects, including questions about the afterlife and the relation of the soul to the body. What’s th … [Read more...]

New Year’s Resolutions in the Valley of Dry Bones


Listen to this piece.Reports are out that we barely avoided the fiscal cliff. But will the deal keep us from eventually falling into a valley of economic decay and death? Legislation may be under way for a bill to ban certain guns and put in place measures to help guard against mass shootings in public places. But will legislation alone keep the slaughter of innocent bystanders from occurring? You and I may have made various New Year’s resolutions to eat and drink and smoke less. But will we … [Read more...]

Saying Goodbye to Entitlement Thinking and a Classless Society


Listen to this piece.Entitlement thinking is a classless thing. It cheapens the people who demand special privileges and things they do not deserve.What are we entitled to as Americans, whether we are rich or poor or somewhere in between?What are we entitled to as American Christians, whatever our socio-economic status?As Americans, are we entitled to universal health care? Are we entitled to malnutrition and disease?As Christians, are we entitled to certain religious … [Read more...]

Falling Below the Poverty Line and Over the Fiscal Cliff


Listen to this piece..Did you know that according to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 50 million Americans are living in poverty? The 2011 U.S. Census figure for those living in poverty was 46 million. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development, the U.S. ranked third-highest in poverty among developed nations in 2011; Turkey and Mexico were the only developed nations whose rates were higher. You may be wondering what the poverty line is: according to the Office of … [Read more...]

God With Us

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Listen to this piece.Today and tomorrow, countless people around the world will celebrate the birth of Jesus. Some people will celebrate his birth in the midst of great suffering and loneliness. Perhaps they will take comfort from the fact that the Lord himself was “a man of sorrows,” “familiar with suffering” (Isaiah 53:3).One of my favorite Christmas carols is “What Child Is This?” by William Chatterton Dix. The song comes from a poem “The Manger Throne” that emerged out of a time of gr … [Read more...]

Christmas Magic


Listen to this piece.There’s something very magical about Christmas for many people. The reasons vary, from sensing something special in the air to falling snow against the backdrop of a lit night sky to Christmas lights and nostalgic music to the anticipation over giving and receiving presents. The list goes on.The children’s Christmas concert I attended the other night was filled with Christmas magic. The children varied in size and age and musical ability, as they played their ins … [Read more...]