Quick update

I was looking through my notes for future posts, and it turns out I have a wide range of gay marriage/generic marriage ideas in the pipeline.  Therefore, I am retroactively declaring today’s post part of a gay marriage series that will run every day from Mon-Thurs this week.  All the posts in this series will be indexed on the new gay marriage page, just as the math and morality ones were.


"Well, I would love to know if you now believe that homosexuality is intrinsically disordered."

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  • Are you coming back to the morality series? I thought that was going to be your series until it was done :(Oh well, I'll read about gay marriage this week instead.

  • I will be, I promise. I'm just a little snowed under because I'm finishing my internship and moving this week. I'm coming back to it once I have enough time to answer your question.

  • Yay! Good deal. Good luck with finishing up everything and the moving process. I don't envy that…