Back to School Update and Blog Rejiggering

Sorry the blog’s been dark the past week.  School’s started up again, and I’ve been extremely busy unpacking, attempting to trick people into not taking the seminar on Stephen Sondheim that I’m trying to get into, and having an unfortunate run-in with a bagel knife (I’m a two-finger typists, so the injury did a lot to slow me down).

I’ve also been doing some serious thinking about what I’m going to do with this blog during the school year, when I have a lot less time to write than I did over the summer.  I’m pretty sure my summer time model isn’t going to work, so, starting next week, I’ll be trying out a new format.  I’ve most enjoyed writing series of linked posts (as I did for math and morality and for gay marriage earlier this summer).  Although they may entail more posts per week, they’re all on one idea, so I don’t have to plan out as many different topics.  Plus, the sustained topic allows for more back and forth with commenters (a major highlight for me).

So, starting next week, series are the default format at Unequally Yoked.  I’ll still do one-shot posts occasionally, when I want to comment on an idea briefly or ask a question.  (Plus, I still have my Bookshelf to work my way through).

I think, in the future, I will follow the example of the webcomic Scenes from a Multiverse and have you choose in a poll which of the topics I’ve been working on will be the next featured series.  For next week, I’ve already chosen: I’ll be writing about the only religion (well, quasi-religion) I’ve ever sincerely wished I could join.

That series will begin next week (feel free to guess what I was tempted by in the comments), and, for the rest of this week, I’ll be doing some shorter posts that will definitely include some thoughts on Justin Martyr‘s debate on gay marriage with Larry of Rust Belt Philosophy.

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