Two Debates that aren’t about Religion

Unfortunately, I won’t have time to do an appropriate post for Unequally Yoked today, but I thought I’d mention two other debates I’m embroiled in:

I’ve written a piece for the Huffington Post titled “Yale Daily News Wrong to Condemn Outrage in Response to Sexism.”  The whole controversy started when frat pledges marched around campus chanting “No means YES!  Yes means ANAL!”  Here’s a preview of my take:

The YDN editorial board puts the onus of defusing the controversy on the people who were wronged. Even worse, they assume that, when faced with abusive and offensive speech, women ought to be trying to defuse the situation to begin with.

The goal of women and the Women’s Center is not to ‘gracefully reprove public stupidity’ and then move on, but to change the blasé attitudes about sexual assault that caused DKE to think this chant was acceptable in the first place. The fact that the controversy has not settled down is a victory, not a loss.

And, this evening, I’m heading into NYC for a debate with the Hudson Union Society on the topic “This House Believes the Government’s Economic Stimulus is a Failure.”  I’m basing my speech in the neg on the necessity of the stimulus’s aid to states, and the argument may become a HuffPo piece in the future.  You can check out the full slate of debaters here.


UPDATE: We cleaned their clocks.  Particular praise to my teammate Tristyn (from Eschatological Psychosis)

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