What I’m doing after exams:

I’m wearing some tight, tight jeans
and tonight we’re delving into some serious, serious shit.
I’m Andrew Jackson, and I’m your president.


Those are the opening lines of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, an irreverent, nerdy, emo-rock musical.  Come 8pm tonight, I’ll be done with my final paper for the semester and I’ll be sitting in the orchestra section with my boyfriend for the evening show.  That means I will continue to not exist today, but I’ll probably resume existing  sometime tomorrow afternoon.  In the meantime, here’s a quick sampler of what Bloody Bloody is like:

If you’re in the NYC area for the holidays, the show is closing January 2nd, and you can get half-price tickets at Broadway Offers.

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  • Though I love California weather Broadway will always keep me secretly wishing I lived out East.

  • My wife and I saw that just last weekend! We both enjoyed it a lot – it helps if you're geeky enough to understand the historical references, which we are. 😉 I'm glad we got the chance to see it before it closes.