7 Quick Takes (1/7/11)

School starts on Monday!  So that’s when I’ll be posting my responses to the New Year’s Challenge and listing the challenges I’ll take on.  This weekend, I’ll have a book post up, but for right now, I’m exhausted from the terrible task of cleaning my room (especially since I was in the middle of a paper when I left, and I just tossed things on the floor and the bed, locked up and ran).  So today’s Quick Takes are just some photos of posters, etc in my room.


This poster on my dorm room door greets all visitors.  In case the image is too small, the text reads:

A Flap of the Wings YESTERDAY… Means Big Changes TOMORROW
Let’s work together to KEEP the PRESENT INEVITABLE


My room is small, but there’s enough room for BOOKSHELVES!



And those bookshelves are home to my expanding ‘religion shelf.’  It lives under the theatre and graphic novels shelf and still farther below the mathematics and diseases shelf.

Off to the side, you can see my coaster project from my printing class.  The coaster reads:


When other students asked why I had chosen to put four logical fallacies on my coasters, I replied, “It’s a reminder that alcohol can compromise your rational functions!”

I remain hilarious and also a priss.


here is definitely not enough space in my room for this:


So I’m lucky my two suitemates let me work in the common room.

Over my bed I have three replica WPA posters:


My favorite is the one in the middle which reads “Pneumonia strikes like a man-eating shark, led by its pilot fish, the common cold.”  I bought it a few weeks before I found out that the longest lasting cold of my life was actually walking pneumonia.



Two glorious triumphs in organization:

  1. the pile of papers I need to recycle, some of which I hadn’t gone through since move in last semester
  2. the bulletin board I have finally gotten to stay up on the wall that will magically solve all organizational problems

Finally, my favorite Christmas present and a new resident in my room

It’s a plush T4-bacteriophage and naming suggestions would be very welcome.


[Seven Quick Takes is a blog carnival run by Jen of Conversion Diary]
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  • Rea

    I love your bed nook, it looks like such a cozy room!Also love the bacteriophage, even though I'm not a medical person. My son has the Cough one, I didn't even know for awhile that there was a whole line of them out there.

  • Oh. My. Gosh. This post is so great! Big fan of the logical fallacies coasters. You are hilarious. :)I think your bacteriophage looks like a Bruce.