250 Post Blogiversary!

This entry marks 250 posts since I started blogging this past summer, and I’m still enjoying it immensely.  Two hundred and fifty is pretty fun, but the number I’m prouder of is 1,851 — the number of comments you all have posted since I started.  The conversations and clarifications that play out in the comment threads are fascinating and invaluable to me.

And now would be a perfect time to head to the thread attached to this post if you have suggestions/critiques for the blog going forward.  I’ve added a new page to the top bar that lays out procedures for guest posting and lists some posts with open questions attached.  Let me know if other changes would be helpful

The last time I hit a milestone (100 posts) I ran through some of my stranger search terms (a la Simcha) and I thought I’d reprise today.

Given my geekly leanings, I’m not shocked to find that people arrive here using search terms like smallpox capsidproxy variablewhen do you use jump discontinuity but you’ve gone over my head when you get here with so(n) hasn’t got any “n-1 dimensional representation” which makes me feel terribly inadequate, especially as I’m the only result for that search on Google.

There are other question I can’t answer, though, now that they’ve been raised, I’m awfully curious about their answers.  Does islam allow for transhumanism   I have a little trouble parsing what does an injury to your right arm represent ? metaphysical but I am totally wondering what prompted that visitor to ask.  The best question was definitely songs for those who are unequally yoked but, sadly, I have no answers.

To the person who got here searching unequally yoked blog geeky atheist catholic boyfriend: Congrats!  You’ve encapsulated the blog perfectly.  (Though you have a little competition from your more succinct counterpart who just looked for weird atheists).

To the person who was looking for hot orthodox priest: eh, not so much.  Frankly, I doubt that you’ll be much better off with Tristyn, but she is excellent and definitely marginally more likely to lead you somewhere helpful.  Worst case scenario, she’ll steer you to Tom Waits instead, which is nothing to complain about.

To the people who wound up here while looking for leah libresco fanfiction: I know who you are, and better luck next time, suckers.

If you got here by just searching for gays you’re in luck, since I’ll be posting a reflection on the lecture by the ex-gay speaker tomorrow, but if you got here by googling hr problem in leah’s bakery case explain or “mark shea” -butter -football, I’m sorry, but you are out of luck forever here.

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  • Congrats! You have an incredibly enjoyable blog. Keep it up!

  • I had someone find my blog recently by typing "why do people eat people" … what a great question! But yes, ditto to Alex: keep it up, Leah! You do a great job. 🙂

  • Thanks for the nice comments, you two. Julie, I've just googled "why do people eat people" but sadly your blog didn't come up for me.

  • *Golf clap* Bravo for this new milestone! Congrats, keep up the good work… :)Have a good one!