The Turing Test Begins

I’m about to post the first of the Turing Test Contest entries. For ease of reference, I’ve created a new tab at the top of the blog that you can use to easily find entries and (starting Friday) voting links.  I’ll be posting 2-3 entries per day from now til Friday afternoon, and then I’ll open up a Google Form you can use to vote on which ones you thought were really written by atheists and which you think are Christians ineptly imitating atheists.

I don’t want too much homogenization of beliefs, so I’d rather you not try to persuade people as to whether or not you think a particular post is written by an atheist or not in the comments.  After the contest ends, I’ll be asking people to blog about what clues they used to guess, so you’re welcome to keep notes for yourselves to use later.  Try to stick to discussing the ideas the author put forward.

I’ll answer any questions about rules and procedures in the comments, and, now, we’re off!

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