Bug Hunting!

Tomorrow is the official opening day for Unequally Yoked at its new home here at Patheos.  There will be a an intro to the blog post for new readers, some thoughts about the move for old readers, and probably an off-topic link to something science-y for me.

But before that still more glorious dawn, there’s going to be some troubleshooting.  The Patheos people have done a great job migrating over the entire archives and comments, but I’m sure there will be a few rough spots for the next few weeks (especially as I’m acclimating myself to WordPress).

So if you run across any problems, post in the comment thread below, and I’ll add them to the list of known issues the Patheos team is working on.

  • Changing the ‘Recent Comments’ widget so it shows a snippet of your comment, as per the old site SOLVED!
  • All the blog posts came over, but the tags vanished.  Working on restoring them (hopefully not by hand)
  • Links that go back to the blogger site instead of the new archives at Patheos.  This is getting fixed and any previously created hyperlink to the old Unequally Yoked will redirect to the corresponding post here.
  • The RSS feed has no title.  I ditched a title at the top of the page, because I thought the banner made it superfluous.  Turns out that’s where the feed title is sourced.  This will be fixed soon. Semi-resolved.  The title is back, but now it’s misspelled.  Baby steps. OK, now the title is misspelled on individual posts, but correct on the main page.  Closer and closer! Spelling problem is SOLVED!
  • All the comments have vanished!  They’re still saved (I can see them on the dashboard) but they’re not on the blog.  I suspect this has to do with today’s switch to Disqus.  I’ll update this post when they’ve finished the transfer.SOLVED!
  • A couple reports of the imported comments having mangled HTML or somehow being attributed to the wrong person.  Please link to some examples in the thread below and I’ll have the team look at them on Monday.  No complaints yet with new comments.  We’re talking to someone at Disqus about this.
  • I’m hearing that new comments are still getting jumbled out of chronological order. SOLVED!
  • I’d like to make the truncated RSS feeds longer and include an image.  Since I’m new to WordPress, plugin suggestions greatly appreciated.
  • Welp, it looks like all the post titles on individual posts have vanished.  I’m sure they’ll be back soon.

Comments should be working as designed, now, so if you’re having problems, speak up!

Behind the scenes at Patheos

Thanks for your patience and many thanks to the Patheos tech team.  If I may paraphrase Peter Pan, To migrate a site will be a very great adventure.

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  • Diadhuit

    A minor bug: the RSS subscription says: Title Unknown

    • leahlibresco

      Merci! It’s on the list, we figured out the problem, and now I’m just waiting for the fix to get implemented.

  • Gilbert

    – Lots of comments are misattributed. For example dbp got stuck with seemingly advocating forced abortions.
    – Comments that used html tags got misinterpreted. They lost all white space and quoted html tags got changed into actual html tags, giving rise to strange formatings.
    -The respective best blogs on both the atheist and the Christian blog roll decayed into lesser alternatives.

    • Correction: Not all whitespace just all line breaks.

      Note to self: No more commenting before the first caffeine fix.

    • leahlibresco

      Can you link to a couple examples? I’ll forward it on to the person managing the Disqus shift, and hopefully it will be fixed by Monday.

      • Gilbert

        Examples of misattributed comments:

        Looking Askance at Angels:
        new vs. old
        The oldest two comments are correctly attributed to Christina and DarwinCatholic. Then two comments originally by Kevin and Brian Sullivan are wrongly attributed to DarwinCatholic. (The comments after that are from the transitional period and didn’t get carried over as you said they wouldn’t.)

        Similarly one thread earlier, Recursing on the Trinity:
        new vs. old
        The oldest two comments (by Christina and Tao) are attributed correctly. Then the four following comments are incorrectly attributed to Tao. After that my comment gets attributed correctly and then comes the transition period.

        The post before that had no comments but the problem repeats one post earlier, Worlds We’re Not Having Sex In:
        new vs. old
        The oldest comment is correctly attributed to Adam Lee and gets followed by two comments wrongly attributed to him and actually written by Garren and Arkanabar T’verrick Ilarsadin. The next four comments (two by Joe one by Adam Lee and one by me) are attributed correctly. The next three (by Anonymous, Patrick, and – B ) are falsely attributed to Adam Lee. Then mine is attributed correctly followed by three again falsely attributed to Adam Lee. Then again mine correct (I seem to be immune) followed by the last four falsely attributed to Adam Lee. I don’t know about the other ones, but about eight hours ago those last four were still misattributed to dbp rather than Adam Lee, so it is changing.

        And so on backwards until your oldest post to attract more than a few comments, Lessons in the Lacunae: The Omitted Scripture:
        new vs. old.
        The oldest comment is correctly attributed to mar7banbikum. Then three more comments get wrongly attributed to mar7banbikum (two really by David Wagner, one by Kevin), then one from NFQ attributed correctly, followed by the rest of the thread again misattributed to mar7banbikum.

        Obviously I haven’t checked the whole archive but of the sample I looked at every thread with a substantive comment count also has this problem.

        A hunch that may or may not be helpful: The borders between runs of correctly and incorrectly attributed runs of comments often coincide with borders between runs of comments by commentators with and without Blogger accounts and/or profile pics.

        Example of lost line breaks:
        Original with line breaks vs. copy without line breaks. Or basically any other long comment. In contrast to what I thought a few hours ago the problem is not limited to comments using HTML tags. It’s much simpler than that: All line breaks in all comments everywhere are gone.

        Example of misparsed HTML:
        Original with tags correctly escaped vs. copy with tags interpreted.

  • Diadhuit

    Probably a temporary bug: now (on IE) I cannot see the image above the menu. Yesterday it was ok on Chrome.

    • leahlibresco

      Yup. The Patheos team is working on that. I know a couple other recently transferred blogs had that problem.

  • squelchtoad

    Right now (in both the latest versions of Safari and Firefox, so I doubt it’s a browser thing), the front page render sans-skin (basically looks like Web 1.0, with Times New Roman, blue underlined links, etc.). Individual posts look the way (I imagine) they’re supposed to.

    • squelchtoad

      Hmm, resolved now. Perhaps you were editing the skin, and it was temporarily unavailable.

  • Gilbert

    There is a typo in the HTML title (what is seen in the tab bar in Firefox) .

  • Karen LH

    Title says “Uniquelly Yoked”.

    • Anonymous

      Oy gevalt. Hopefully that will get fixed soon (I don’t have direct access to all the under the hood page design).

  • Joe

    The comments in the Marriage thread are all jumbled up and out of order.

    • Anonymous

      Baffling and noted. Someone from Disqus is going to help us out.

    • Anonymous

      Whoops, never mind, I’ve twigged it. Look right below the ‘type your comment here’ box and you can see a drop down for comment sorting. It appears to be sorted by popular by default when it would make more sense to have it sorted chronologically. I’ll try and change the default, but, in the meantime you can still unjumble it for yourself.