Halloween Costuming

I really do shut down almost everything when Halloween comes around.  This is the first season in a while that I didn’t pull a costuming all nighter (though most of my nights were 2am nights this week).  I’m a little zonked, so you’ll get content-y posts tomorrow, but today you’ll just get the photos that are brought to you by sleep deprivation and an entire rewatched season of Battlestar Galactica.  Voila!

Confused about what I’m dressed as?  Perhaps this paragraph I had to write for facebook will help.  (It’s probably clearer if you read it in a movie trailer voice)

IN A WORLD… where RSA encryption has been broken and quantum encryption has never been achieved, to only truly secure way to transmit a message is to entrust it to a mafia-like organization of human messengers. Anyone who interferes with our operations would be blacklisted from secure communication channels forever.

Any other questions are probably covered by this exchange I had with a friend:

Friend: “But why are you wearing a neo-Victorian outfit?”
Me: “Because it’s the future!”

Why are you fighting a pirate? The FUTURE!
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