7 Quick Takes (5/4/12)

— 1 —

As I announced earlier this week, the Ideological Turing Test is starting up again.  (This is the contest where Christians and atheists see how good they are at imitating each other).  I’ll be asking for feedback on specific questions soon, but right now I’d love feedback on general logistics in the comment thread of the post linked above.  I think it’s going to be super!


— 2 —

As you may have inferred from my choice of words in that last Take, I went to see Avengers at midnight.  But since I’m writing these takes prior to going to the theatre, I don’t have opinions yet on the film, but I do have a picture of my costume (brought to you by the grace of duct tape).


So, uh, I didn’t really want to dress up as either of the female characters since they’re both wearing essentially black catsuits.  I’m dressed up as Janet van Dyne (also known as the Wasp).  She was a member of the original Avengers in the comic books.  My costume is mostly duct tape and is modelled on her appearance in some tv spinoff, since the comic book costume is pretty much painted on.

— 3 —

And speaking of delightful cosplaying, that guy who imitated female heroines on bookcovers is back for a look at the men.  The pictures are a good deal less ridiculous, but I’m still mighty amused/sad.

— 4 —

If you want to be ready for your next costumed outing (and believe me, they can really sneak up on you), you might like this Modcloth guide to dress vocabulary.

When my ASL teacher was going over clothing words with me, she did not expect me to need so many highly-granular terms.

How do you sign ‘bias-cut?’

How do you sign ‘princess seamed?’

— 5 —

Now test your knowledge by seeing if you can correctly categorize the illustrations in the “If websites were dresses, what would they look like” project.  My favorite illustration is pretty clearly Wikipedia.

— 6 —

There are few things cool enough to justify pivoting away from a costuming theme for the Quick Takes, but a West Wing cast reunion certainly makes the cut.  I don’t see an embed link at Funny or Die, so go straight to the source.

(I totally wanted to be CJ when I grew up).

— 7 —

And, finally, I’m still keeping up with the anti-gnostic baking project.  This past week, I made espresso chocolate chip cookies.  I think I get double credit for these, as I was altering a recipe.  I used the same dough as for the chive-cheddar scones (minus the chive and cheddar, natch) but multiplied all the ingredients by 1.5x.  Then I added 2 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa, 2 tablespoons of espresso powder, and one cup of chocolate chips.  Then I added some more chocolate chips.  Voila!

Cooking my way into a more accurate philosophy!


For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

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  • Only tangentially on topic, I thought of this during the week:

    As a gnostic (which you’re not really, I know), what would you do if I, say, through my textbook at you? The body doesn’t matter, right? So why duck?
    If you can answer that question, does that answer also serve for those cases in which you threatened to throw textbooks at people? If you can’t answer that question…well, I suppose you’re already headed that way.

    • leahlibresco

      Ok, so, thing one, I’m trying to subvert the gnosticism now (with varying success).

      Re your question: that’s like asking why a gnostic eats. Just because I find the body base doesn’t mean I can emancipate myself from its constraints. I did resent having to spend money on basic sustenance since it was much more boring than books or plays.

      • Yes, yes. This was mainly a joke–I suppose that doesn’t come through–but I was thinking that much the same could be said of someone who doesn’t really believe in external reality. They may think it’s false, but they are still bound by their subjective illusions (and their less-than-conscious reactions). So they duck. But I think there is a further difference between the two but I don’t know what it is, and I thought you might have it. But then, even while gnostic, you weren’t really Gnostic; you didn’t believe that the body was an evil illusion preventing you from attaining union with Sophia. Denying the body was more resentment for you than a purposeful exercise. Yes?

        • leahlibresco


  • J.M

    Okay, so Christian, what did you do through your textbook at her in this hypothetical?

    • I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you’re asking.

      • Cous

        maybe he’s obliquely asking if you meant to say “threw my textbook” instead of “through my textbook”…?

  • Gnom, gnom, gnom …

  • Vaguely apropos question for anyone who saw it: Does Avengers have significant puns or other highly phrasing-dependent language?

    I’m asking because I have a choice of watching it either in 2D/original language or in 3D/lip-synced German. Lip-sync translations need to preserve syllable count and that is mostly their most positive feature. So for 2D American movies going original is a no-brainer. But then 3D is also a nice thing. My last 3D-movie was Avatar and I enjoyed myself a lot, but watching it in 2D would have made me regret the ticket money.

    • leahlibresco

      It was funny, but I don’t remember how much of it was pun-funny. I will say I saw it in 3D and would have preferred to see it cheaper in 2D. Unlike Avatar, the 3D wasn’t used to any great effect. For most of the movie it was not very noticeable and there was never a ‘wow’ 3D sequence.