Guess who moved to Patheos?

Eve Tushnet!

You may remember her from this NYT profile: “A Gay Catholic Voice Against Same-Sex Marriage.”  But if you’re a regular reader of the blog, you must also remember Eve from all the time’s I’ve sent you over to her blog because she’s come up with short and cogent ways to think about philosophy problems (remember metaphysical backsliding?).  Or her long and thought-provoking ways of thinking.

She’s also an alum of my very pugilistic philosophical debating group.  (And one of the many converts that gave it a reputation as “the Catholic factory”).  And now she’s joined the Patheos Catholic portal!  O frabjous day, callooh callay!

"Well, I would love to know if you now believe that homosexuality is intrinsically disordered."

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  • Thanks for the introduction!

  • Matthais777

    Hooray? I guess? No offense meant, but I never particularly liked her stuff. But then again, I’m an Bi Athiest and i find her stances particularly annoying and her arguments a little… contorted? Let’s go with that word. But, as you pointed out she is pretty smart and will make a solid addition tot he patheos team. That’s the point of the website right? All types?

    • Those with annoying stances and contorted arguments are by all means welcomed here at Patheos.