I’m speaking in Maryland tomorrow

I’m speaking in Maryland tomorrow August 13, 2012

Just a quick housekeeping note.  If you’re in the DC/Maryland area, I’m going to be chatting at an Ellicott City Theology on Tap tomorrow night.  You can find the logistical details at the facebook event page.

I should note that this speaking engagement has already been a learning experience, as I’ve found out that, when asked for a title, I shouldn’t say “I don’t know.  I like puns and math.”  Because now I think part of the discussion is going to have to be on epistemology and why I think “Morality: A Mathematical Certainty” is a kinda accurate way of summarizing what I’ve been talking about since the beginning of this blog in the Math and Morality series, but probably does not mean what you think it means.  Tally ho!


Oh, and if you’re curious about what happened to the promised audio from the thing I did at the DC Catholic Information Center, apparently something went a little wrong with the equipment, and they’ve currently got someone tapping on a keyboard and saying “Enhance.”  I’ll let you know if anything comes of the salvage effort.

I did have a very nice time there and got some excellent questions, including: “Who’s your favorite number theorist?”

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  • Stephen Paquin

    Bah! You’re making me choose between you and Dr. Stephen Barr.

  • Peggy Hagen

    Great, now I can’t shake the idea that the CIC is staffed by Daleks…

    As for Theology on Tap, you’re actually lucky. During our first series, a speaker whose talk was, roughly, on “God’s silence/our deafness?” got stuck with the title “A Failure to Communicate”…I’ve been learning since to outsource the titles. 🙂 Whatever shape the talk takes, we’re looking forward to having you!

  • Corita

    What?!!! How can you and Stephen Barr BOTH be speaking Near Me on the same night?
    And I am leaving town earlier in the day. 🙁