Costuming Collapse

This week, I was working on making a new muslin draft of my corset pattern for my Dryad costume.  Unfortunately, once again the fit was quite off, so the test fit pictures are NSFW.  With Halloween drawing on apace, I’m caving and looking for a commercial pattern this week.  While I wait for it to arrive, I’ll start working on  the mask (since I only need to run to a hardware store to pick up wire).  Next week you should expect a mask draft (hopefully a complete one!) and the arrival of the pattern.

Since this is such a sad little crafting update, let me cheer us both up with this video of Nathan Fillion discussing his welding abilities and the way he applies them to mammoth costume projects:

YouTube Preview Image
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  • deiseach

    Sorry to hear the bodice didn’t work out. Never mind: you are admirable for going ahead and making your own costume with your own fair hands, instead of just throwing on a sheet and saying “What more do you want? Hand over the sweeties now!”