Christian Round Winners [Turing 2013]

You may want to keep this year’s answer key and list of entries in the Christian round handy while you read the results.

The top three scorers (as measured by the percent of  Christians rating the entry “Very Likely Christian”) were all genuine Christians.  Beth (entry 6) was most likely to be judged very likely Christian (77% of judges).  Following her were Gilbert (entry 9 – 58%) and Brendan Hodge (entry 11 – 43%).

But the next three entrants were all atheists.  Chana Messinger (entry 4) got 33% of Christians to rate her Very Likely Christian, and she was closely followed by Guy (entry 2 – 32%) and Steve (entry 5 – 29%).  Chris Hallquist (entry 10) turns up on the leaderboard after two more true Christians, but, although more Christians rated him as Christian than atheist (57% very likely Christian + likely Christian), his very likely Christian number was below 25% (i.e. if the votes were uniformly distributed).

And Christian H. (entry 3) was the least believed Christian to the Christians.  Only 11% found him to be very likely Christian, and fewer than half guessed Christian at all.  He was followed by Joy (the ambiguous case) and Ozy (the last remaining atheist).

Below, you can see the Very Likely Christian and Likely Christian ratings for all the contestants.  They are ranked from highest percentage guessing Very Likely Christian to lowest.  The real Christians are lightly shaded, while the atheists are in full color fill.

I’d like to give an additional credit to Christian H, who was the entrant that the highest proportion of atheists wanted to have coffee with, after reading his entry.  Among Christians, the two most sought after authors were Beth Z and Gilbert.


Much credit to this Excel tutorial on how to recover pattern fill functionality.  I used Andy Pope’s add-in.

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