Speaking at the CIC on March 19th

(Nope, not that CIC)

I’ll be joining two other writers from Fare Forward at the DC Catholic Information Center for a panel discussion on ambition and vocation.  My fellow speakers are:

ANDREW C. QUINN: a Washington, D.C.-based writer, researcher, and musician. He studies public policy and human happiness at the American Enterprise Institute and is a regular contributor to AEI Ideas and The Federalist. His commentary on politics and policy has been featured in RealClearPolitics, RealClearPolicy, and The Transom. Andrew is a native Midwesterner, a graduate of Williams College, and a saxophonist with a passion for jazz, hip-hop, and soul.

CHARLIE CLARK: Chairman of Fare Forward, graduated from Dartmouth in 2011 with degrees in Greek archaeology and English with a concentration in literary theory. Upon graduation, he returned to his home state to study law at the University of Tennessee. He is broadly interested in how society is organized and culture is constructed.

The event is part of the CIC’s Young Professional Happy Hour Program, so attendance is limited to those between 21-35, alcohol and other refreshments will be served, and the entrance fee is $15.  If you’re planning to come by, RSVP to the facebook event (and let me know in the comments!).

If you’d like me to do speaking events closer to your neck of the woods, then, by all means, arrange an invitation.  Fortuna audaces iuvat.


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