4 Essential Building Blocks for Newlyweds

4 Essential Building Blocks for Newlyweds February 23, 2018

The first few years of marriage are vitally important. Patterns are set, established, and reinforced. Patterns that become more and more difficult to change over time. Our culture is a nest of lies when it comes to marital expectations. It’s a wonder any of us ever manage.

If you are starting in a new relationship. Or trying to trouble-shoot an old one, here are some essential elements to ensure a healthy and stable foundation.

1) Hold The Tension

Advice for newlyweds is not something hard to come by. Every idiot who has been married has something to say. Most relationship advice is about ways to avoid tension and conflict, which is unfortunate since tension is something that builds intimacy.

Don’t hide from the pain. Don’t try to stuff or overwhelm tension in a hurry to silence it. Tension is the indicator that more intimacy is available. It is worth wading through.

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