St. John’s Eve Blessings to You !!!

St. John’s eve blessings 2 u photo by Lilith Dorsey 2014. All rights reserved.

June 23 is St. John’s Eve, the most sacred night of New Orleans Voodoo. The original rites surrounding this day were led by the most famous of Voodoo Queens- Marie Laveau. Marie Laveau was a priestess of great magick and mystery and she is still worshiped by thousands today. Wandering Ghost by Jonathan Cott tells of the celebration of our spiritual ancestors that took place where “Bayou St. John enters Lake Ponchartrain…. Marie organized a fete, attended by several thousand persons in the midst of blazing pine-knot fires, that features ecstatic dancing to the accompaniment of goatskin drums, bone castanets, bamboo flutes, and two string fiddles.”

Beginnings of St. John’s Eve Altar 2014 photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.


St. John’s eve is still a modern high holy holiday for Voodoo practitioners today. My own house in NYC celebrated with a feast and blessing at Brooklyn Bridge Park yesterday. We prepared a sacred water similar to the recipe for St. John’s eve water I posted recently. We barbecued organic hot dogs, and fed our spirits with collard greens, sweet potato salad, guacamole, beet salad, and strawberry lemonade. A most glorious time was had by all. Now we would like to offer our voodoo blessings to you!



May everyone have a divine and blessed St. John’s Eve!

May the gentle healing waters cleanse you!

May the gentle healing fires purge all you do not need!

May your sacred soul dance this night and kiss the stars!





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