What Goddess? Where? Book Trailer: 55 Ways to Connect to Goddess

Greetings Voodoo Universe Readers ! I’d like to announce my new book 55 Ways to Connect to Goddess with foreword by Donata Ahern. Here’s a little sample, and a weird book trailer !!! Download the book this weekend only for the introductory price of 99 cents. Many blessings !

55 Ways to Connect to Goddess by Lilith Dorsey
55 Ways to Connect to Goddess by Lilith Dorsey


From the Introduction:

Questions about connecting to Goddess?


Can you connect without religion? Of course, formal or informal, organized or intuited, connection is possible. These energies are present in all that we do, we just need to know how to “see” them. Now that may sound like some “newage,” rhymes with sewage, kind of idea. I assure you that is not this book. This book will give you practical advice for connecting simply and easily.


55 Ways to Connect to Goddess Trailer

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