Drowning Ceremony

Burning Ceremonies around the dark moon are really great, powerful and popular! They help us to shed the old, work through blocks, shadow work and releasing things that hinder our progress. As a Watery person you may not feel very connected with fire and its energy. However there is another way for us watery people! In Folklore and Mythology Mermaids are not usually full of love and light, they represent the darker aspects of ourselves and are often known for… Read more

Spells and Chants

Bathing with Flower Spirits Bathing with Flowers can be very powerful. Plants are intimately connected with water, healing and spirit medicine among other things. For this ritual you can do it any time you like, but during the full moon is ideal. Gather your fresh flowers either from your garden or the store. If you choose to use store bought flowers, be very mindful that they are not dyed, or treated with chemicals. Places like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and… Read more

Offerings to the Sea and Water

Excerpt from the Water Magic Course…  Naturally witches that work with water will want to give back to the ocean or body of water that they work with which gives them so much year around. I often come home from the beach feeling so full, happy and with so many treasures, that I want to give back. However, we need to be very careful what we decide to give the ocean or other bodies of water. Often time’s good intentions… Read more

Henna Magic for New Beginnings

As many of you know I have been keeping different aspects of myself separate for a while. I am now working on moving many of my websites to blogs and now run a professional portfolio of my work at www.AnnwynAvalon.com. When I originally named my business Magic Mehndi I always had the intent of focusing on henna as a magical tool. I have always been fascinated with symbology and line art and how that translates into magic. Lets start with… Read more

Modern Fusion Temple Dance

Modern Fusion Temple Dance-A Workshop with Monique Trinity Rose A few weeks ago I took a new kind of Sacred Dance workshop. I was first attracted to it because of the name, but when I looked at the instructors name I knew I had to attend. If you don’t know, Rose are kind of “my thing”. My dance troupe was Raqin Roses, the ladies I worked with in Japan for dance were Moon Roses, I went by Triskele Rose as my… Read more

Scrying with Black Water

Scrying is gazing at an object, a black mirror, a crystal ball or a bowl of water with the intent of telling the future. Usually the practitioner will sit in a comfortable position gazing at a shiny surface until images appear in your mind’s eye or on the surface of the material you are gazing at. There are many types of divination practices out there, and scrying is probably one of the hardest. It is hard because it requires one… Read more

Honoring many Gods

I consider myself to be a Polytheistic Witch. I honor many Gods, well many Goddesses and a few Gods. I’ve always been a believer in Female Deity. When I was small I would argue about it not being fair that the Christian god was a man, I felt left out. I knew that there were Gods that were female, but never could understand why they were forgotten. Later in my early 20s when I found the Occult and began studying… Read more

Persephone Dark Moon Bath

“To she who glides the silver crescent moon boat through the dark still waters of our becoming” ~Demetrius George I recently attended the Waking Persephone Dance Festival in Seattle. It was a wonderful weekend full of dance, spirituality and change. You can read all about my experience here. I am thrilled to have Persephone’s presence back in my life. I have worked with her before, but she had been silent for several years. She first began to whisper to me… Read more

Waking Persephone

Day 1 I arrived at Waking Persephone late, I was so excited to get there but the traffic was against me the whole way. There were 2 major accidents that put me about 30 min behind. I hate when students arrive at my class really late and I hated it even more that “I” am the student that arrived not just late but rudely late. Regardless the ladies at the front were very kind and encouraged me to sneak in… Read more

Cracking open the Shell

The unknown and accidental Glamour that comes with Priestesshood and how to not make the same mistakes I did. Peeling back the layers of the rose, we are all the same, but what makes the difference between the seeker and the Priestess? The Priestess has been where the seeker is, not just once but many times. They heard the call, fearlessly jumped off the ledge and then proceeded to fall, stumble, scrape their knees; yet they got up and moved… Read more

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