There is no doubt that water has become polluted, endangered and in danger of being destroyed in recent times. Our water ways are polluted with plastic, oil, and chemicals faster than we can clean them. With the recent political climate and news of Standing Rock, it is vital now more than ever that we fight for our water in the physical and spiritual realms. All over the world Witches are gathering to bless, heal and protect our water ways. The… Read more

At PantheaCon 2017 I had the pleasure of attending a class on The White Spring in Glastonbury UK. It was a wonderful class with vision journeys and stories about the spring. Lisa and Max Goodwin were the ones that offered and taught this class. It was based on their experiences while they were the caretakers of the White Spring. The vision journeys took us through the sacred landscape and through the candle lit well house full of shrines and sacred… Read more

PantheaCon 2017 I missed blogging last week because I was recovering from PantheaCon 2017. Really long events usually take a lot of energy out of me. You probably don’t know this, but I am a spoonie. I  am just really good at hiding it and I ration my spoons like a champ when these types of events come around. Which is why you don’t see me at most of the late night parties. (Though I do swim in from time… Read more

Why Blue Lace Agate is the most powerful Gem Elixir I am working with right now… I wanted to share with you a very powerful Gem Elixir that I am working with. To give just a basic overview, Gem Elixirs are when you combine water and the power of gem stones together to create a potent elixir. By adding the gem to the water, the water absorbs the energy of the crystal and then in turn, amplifies it. Gem elixirs… Read more

Going beyond the ninth wave was said to be a way to access the Otherworld. In addition water collected from beyond the ninth wave was said to possess magical properties. You can work with water from beyond the ninth wave in both a symbolic and literal way. Several months ago I was asked a question about the ninth wave; what it was, what it meant and how to work with it through magic. Luckily I had a blog post already… Read more

Here I took myself on a vision journey across the water and into the other world. I first visited Brigid and saw her surrounded by all the flames lit in her honor today, thousands of white dripping candles and 4 arm crosses. Read more

Water can be worked with in a variety of ways either physically with sacred vessels, and tools or spiritually by connecting with water spirits and deity. If you are lucky enough to live by a body of water, spring or even waterfall you already have a great source of water to work with. However you are not limited to that. Rain water and snow can be collected, stored and saved. Rain water can be… Read more

Here are a few ideas on how to use snow, ice and winter weather in your own magic practice. You can start very simple by working with Sigils. Using snow to write sigils is a great use of winter water magic. Simply use your finger to indent the snow with your sigil or power symbol. Depending on the time you Snow Magic choose to draw them, you can bring added intent and correspondences. You can focus on drawing them during the snowfall to bring a light peaceful energy that is softer. Or you can draw them during the snow melt for banishing or releasing. Read more

The waters of Avalon flow forth dripping of red and white over the physical landscape in Glastonbury. The two well-known sacred water sources in Glastonbury have become synonymous with Avalon and much of the lore that flows across the landscape. Read more

This spell uses traditional elements such as horseshoe, horse brass and silvered water. Read more

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