Do Not Let Others Judge You (and Don’t Judge)


My son drew this as a boy: a very good picture of judgment.

People will judge you, of course. That is my point. Determine in your heart and mind, ahead of time, how this will affect you. Depending upon your moment in life and the circumstances in which you find yourself, others will always take liberties with opinions and conclusions about your situation, your efforts, stratagems, applied logic or whatever else. It is good if you possess the ability to thank them. It is better if, after thanking them, you think about what they have said and where there is truth, accept it. Beyond that, it is best if, after thanking them, you go back to the place where you started your personal journey and take back the reins. If you are a person of faith, hopefully you have trusted fully in the operations of our mysterious God in the less-than-predictable circumstances of your life. This is all the better for you when it comes to measuring the eternal value of decisions you make. Alas, this also causes confusion and self-doubt when your decisions collide with others’ assessment of your choices. Seek God and answer to him. Be kind to the judgers and be kind to yourself. And think twice before you judge someone else.

About Wendy Murray

Wendy Murray is a veteran and award-winning journalist. She served as associate editor and Senior Writer at Christianity Today magazine and has written extensively for other publications such as Books & Culture and The Christian Century. She has written 11 books.