3 Meaningful Truths to Embrace Wildly This Year

By Wendy Murray

1.  Don’t Interrupt

G K Chesterton

Talk ought to be sacred because it is so light, so tenuous, so trivial, if you will; so frail and easy to destroy. Cutting short its life is worse than murder; it’s infanticide. It’s like killing a baby that’s trying to come to life. It can never be restored to life … . A good light conversation can never be put together again when it’s broken to pieces; because you can’t get back all the pieces.

G.K. Chesterton, in The Paradoxes of Mr. Pond




2. Champions Do Ordinary Things – Consistently

Champions don’t do extraordinary things. . . . They do ordinary things, but they do them without thinking, too fast for the other team to react. They follow the habits they’ve learned.

Charles Duhigg, in The Power of Habit, (quoting football coach Tony Dungy).


3. Good Is Coming

 Yet I know that good is coming to me — that good is always coming; though few have at all times the simplicity and the courage to believe it.

George MacDonald, in Phantastes



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