Do Moments of Happiness Matter?

Okay, this is a strange thought and not really applicable to real life but I started wondering about it while observing my baby. He is very present. Whatever he is feeling in one moment consumes him and then the next moment it’s something else and whatever came before is gone.

Most of the time he is happy and giggling and smiling. Then sometimes, of course, he is crying and upset. And when he’s upset I start to wonder if those times of happiness matter at all. Are they stored somewhere in his subconscious? Or in times of upset do his times of happiness mean nothing?

Like I said, irrelevant because it’s not as though I’m not going to try to keep my baby happy all of the time (or as much of the time as humanly possible). But it was a curious thought and something I wonder about as I strive to be present as much as possible.

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  • Merle Langlois

    This is an interesting line of thought.