Emotional Masochism

Note: We know that there are problems with the comment system and I’m quite frustrated as I want to hear your thoughts very much! One thing that may help is to pause any adblocker you may have for this site. Please do feel free to go to the “about” tab and contact me to tell me your experiences with the comment section. All information helps us work towards fixing the problem. Over the last several years I have become much… Read more

How Dogs Prepare You For Parenthood

There’s a popular saying that getting a dog is a good way to prepare for eventually having a baby. Lately people have been laughing at this idea but I still believe that it is absolutely true. Sure there are some very clear differences. A baby cannot be left alone, while a dog can stay in the house by itself for hours. A baby must be raised responsibly to eventually become a member of society, while spoiling a dog has less… Read more

Your Feedback Needed

I have noticed that there are not any comments on my last five posts, which seems strange to me. This blog thrives only on conversation and community and I have been looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the guest post about Yoga, about Krishna as a proto-Jesus story, thoughts for 2016, etc. So speak to me! Are there technical difficulties with the new comment system? Do you just not like the new comment system? Is there something else going on?… Read more

Krishna and Jesus Are Not the Same

I like the idea of showing that Jesus is not a special snowflake and unique in world mythology, but so far when people try to show proto-Jesus “myths” they get all the facts wrong and I’m getting pretty sick of the misinformation. It’s not hard to find stories of the birth of Krishna and yet in all these articles I see absolutely incorrect information about it. This week I saw one that made claims such as Krishna was born in a… Read more

Deja Vu and the Present Moment

One day I was reading Cracked.com (if you’ve never been there, be careful. It will suck you in for hours!) and I came across a story about a condition of more intense than usual deja vu. Instantly I recognized what they were talking about. I hadn’t stopped to think much about it but for most of my life I have experienced a lot of deja vu very frequently. It’s not nearly as bad as the guy in the article, but… Read more

Hello, 2016

2015 has been a huge year for me. I used to feel like I was behind in life accomplishments and being where I wanted to be. But in the last few years Brad and I have been catching up at an incredible speed! We met, next year we got married, next year we bought a house, next year we got pregnant (we started trying, in all honesty, a little bit before we got married!). In 2015 I went back to… Read more

Yoga and Cultural Appropriation

This is a big topic right now and there’s a lot to discuss. It came up particularly recently when some students at a university questioned whether the campus yoga class was appropriative. I think it was a very good thing to wonder and to bring up. I’m proud of them for asking the question.  I have been very lucky to be approached with a guest post from Pierce Salguero, who studies issues like this from a Historian’s perspective. The post originally… Read more

The Pressure of the Perfect Pregnancy

In some ways media makes you think that pregnancy is a time for fulfilling your every whim, getting foot rubs, eating whatever strikes your fancy, and having strangers be extra nice to you. In reality the pressure to do everything perfectly increases enormously when pregnant. You may go in thinking that now is the time when I can eat mac and cheese guilt free, but during pregnancy there is no such thing as guilt free. You scrutinize everything you eat… Read more

Navratri Holiday Party!

It was a hectic week last week. Had to do a lot of work to make sure I’ve got health insurance in the coming year. But I think we’ve done it! I’m so grateful to my friend Sarah who helped me every step of the way, even bringing her two little kids to the health office so I could get signed up in person.  But today it is time to celebrate. Brad’s school is having their holiday party and I’m… Read more

The Misunderstanding of Me

“I alone am Brahma” -Ribhu Gita “No one comes to the Father but through Me” -Jesus, the Bible “Controlling the mind and fixing it on Me, sit in meditation with Me as your only goal.” -Krishna, Bhagavad Gita If you believe that the speakers of these sentences were speaking of “Me” as their own individual current embodiment then you’d become an exclusivist, believing that there’s only  image of God that will get you to your goal (heaven, moksha, etc.) But… Read more

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