We tend to get very identified with our bodies and see them as “us.” It’s not an easy habit to see beyond yet pregnancy is kind of a gift in that way. It is an experience that shakes your sense of your body belonging to you. For ten months you share your body with someone else and things you thought were all yours become influenced by someone else. It’s not just your torso growing bigger. You and your child are… Read more

I’m not sure if guilt is quite the right word. Kind of a mix of guilt, shame, embarrassment? Whatever it is, I’m super prone to it. I feel it particularly about my past. I’m embarrassed and guilty about things I did as a kid. Sometimes just normal kid things. Every temper tantrum I ever had I am ashamed of. I feel bad for every moment of greed or selfishness. And I don’t just feel it for myself. I feel it… Read more

There’s been a rash of articles recently making fun of parents in a Georgia school district (for non-U.S. readers, that’s a state in the “Bible belt”) for being upset about yoga being taught at school. The parents apparently called it “anti-Christian propaganda.” The liberal circles in which I run immediately called them stupid and ignorant. And while I do agree that yoga is not “anti-Christian” or “propaganda,” I have to wonder why no one in any of these articles has… Read more

Today is Holi! It’s one of my favorite holidays (see lots of information about it here), but no opportunity for me to celebrate it this year, sadly. It’s tough when the rest of the world around you is not celebrating something. Particularly a community celebration like Holi. Almost every year I’ve lived in Maryland I’ve gone to the Potomac ISKCON temple near D.C. for their huge Holi event. But this year I accidentally scheduled my baby shower for the same… Read more

I spend so much time within my Hindu community that it’s easy for me to forget just how little most non-Indian Americans know about Hinduism. Every once in a while something happens that really opens my eyes to just how out of touch people are. One example is a friend on FB posted this quote from an article (the actual premise of which I am totally on board with!): ” “God is not a Christian. God is not a Jew… Read more

A friend of mine just posted this on my Facebook page. It’s a set of toys that connect to a digital game on phones or pads and it’s all based on The Ramayana! The concept is very similar to my favorite video game: Skylanders. It’s another toy that comes to life in a video game. Though that game is designed for kids in the single digits, I’ve been enjoying it for several years. The Gamaya game takes that fun concept and… Read more

Brad and I have spent a lot of time planning and discussing how we want to raise our son (perhaps me a bit more than him with the research and obsessing!) All the while I realize that things never go according to plan. I am reminded of the saying of (apparently) Helmuth von Moltke who said “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy” (thanks to my friend Jeramy for introducing me to this saying). I realize that sounds like I’m… Read more

In a world of social justice and discussion of cultural misappropriation, this is a subject that has been weighing on my mind for a while. One of the common complaints that people of color have against white people is that white people’s voices are louder and heard more than theirs. That our opinions are valued more and paid attention to more. That our thoughts are considered more valid even when speaking about something that is in the culture and history… Read more

I’ve been trying to learn Hindi for a very long time now. I feel ashamed that I’m not further along but I guess part of it is that I compare myself to the end goal of fluency rather than looking back at how far I’ve come. I’ve made progress, slow though it has been. And right now all I can see is how much more I have to learn. It’s tough but the fact is that I love Hindi and… Read more

I hate when blogs do this but I’m going to start with an apology! I’ve clearly been struggling to keep up with my writing and I feel deeply guilty about that. I think about you guys every day and try to get myself to the computer. But I’ve been having a lot of trouble with low energy. I’m fine and the pregnancy is good but it’s still challenging and I had no idea how hard it was going to be… Read more

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