Are You Not Entertained?

Are You Not Entertained? August 18, 2016

I grew up with a lot of value placed on being present and having quiet times of focus and just being. It is important to have periods of simply existing and connecting with your self and the world around you.

Yet even I have fallen victim to the fear of being bored.

I pack distractions with me in case of any down time. Books, portable video games, Facebook on my smart phone. I seem to be afraid of any quiet second of just being. I wonder also how much stimulation I should be providing for my baby. Should he be sitting and just observing the world around him or should I be shaking toys in his face, giving him objects to stimulate brain development? Is he bored?

I wonder why we do this. Why do we need to have a million things to keep our brains occupied and away from connecting with the present?


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