Cherry Hill Seminary supports Carol and her husband Blake as they are pulled into public scrutiny by the viral effect of online media. We know Carol to be an exemplary student with an honorable record of military service, nursing and service to their communities. We encourage reasoned dialogue among all parties involved locally. We also admonish the Huntsville City Council to refrain from inappropriate discrimination, and also to recognize the diversity represented by their one in four citizens who do not identify as Christian, understanding the strength and beauty which that diversity brings to the region. Read more

My wife and I met exactly two years to the day before our wedding, and had known each other for about twenty minutes before the topic of future children came up as a tangent of a seriously FASCINATING discussion on religion. Twenty minutes into the rest of our lives, and she made it abundantly clear that her future children would be raised Jewish. So how can I pass on my faith to my children, when I already swore to my wife that I would raise them in the manner of her ancestors? Read more

When I step into a patient’s room or when I stop to comfort a family member weeping in the hallway, I begin by acknowledging our shared truth. That is the truth of our humanity and of the grief and suffering we all feel in confronting the death of someone we love. Read more

I struggled with whether it is pompous of me to insist that my way is correct and someone else’s not allowed. Since I really don’t think that the Facebook poster will be inclined to change her views I wondered how strongly I should push back or call her out. In my younger years I would have charged ahead in my righteous indignation with no hesitation. But I’ve learned to pick my battles – was this one to fight? Read more

Coming together to benefit children in our community– not the Pagan community and not any specific religious community, but the whole community, is some of the most important stuff we can do. Read more

It’s undeniable that the Internet has been instrumental in the growth of Paganism. It provides the isolated access to the information they crave whether it be about Paganism or anything else. The low-bar of entry to the online realms has been a boon to us (and others) who might lack the resources (financial and otherwise) to break into more traditional forms of media like television and radio. Shea Morgan in St. Louis, Missouri has taken things a step further crafting rituals to be formed separately but still as a part of a single community. Read more

Some interesting facts I note is that of the composition of speakers about three different religions represented at the breakfast this year: (a) only one was Abrahamic; (b) two were monogamous; (3) two, being fewer than 250 years old, were New Religious Movements; and (4) one was non-deist. I’m proud to be a member of an organization that welcomes and respects people of all religious persuasions and spiritual expressions. Read more

A couple of weeks ago, I was pleased and quite honored to be part of the ordination to the Episcopal priesthood of my friend Milly. It was at the Cathedral of All Souls which is, oddly enough, one of my church homes. The home of my heart (and blood, sweat and tears) is Mother Grove Goddess Temple. But All Souls and the UU Congregation of the Swannanoa Valley are also home to me. We have different ways of working and… Read more

I believe that we are called, as Neimoller said, to remember that we cannot afford to ignore the actions against one group simply because we are not members of that group. If we are all human beings then we must speak out against injustice towards another, whether that other is of our faith, our nationality, or sexual orientation. Otherwise we may find that when they come for us there will be no one left to speak out. Read more

While we at Interfaith WS have a lot going on, one event I must mention is the upcoming interfaith dialogue scheduled for mid-October set to take place at a neutral location. This dialogue will focus mostly on an ecumenical conversation, occurring between an extremely conservative Christian and a very progressive Christian. There will be a moderator to keep a sacred container so that things ‘don’t get out of hand,’ but I’m still taking popcorn! Read more

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