The Biggest Obstacle to Fame and Fortune

The Biggest Obstacle to Fame and Fortune February 22, 2011

Sometime in the near future, I, along with some friends, will begin a mom blog for My friend Tim, who runs the evangelical portal on Patheos, came up with this idea.

When Tim first suggested we do a mom blog, I couldn’t fathom it. In fact, despite my husband setting up Plumbing Demons way back in 2005 and encouraging me to write in it ever since, I just couldn’t pull off blogging. As an IT guy, Scott knew the real ways folks are getting their voices out there, but I was writing my book and way too overwhelmed, so I only started blogging when I realized I could post articles I’d written that folks were requesting.

In 2009 I put up 2 blog entries (my 2 articles). In 2010 I wrote 7 blog entries. In mid-February of 2011 I already have 11 entries!

So what’s the problem now?

Tim wants a semi-professional photograph.

Now I’ve written in this blog before about photograph issues, and how the one I’m using is from a wedding with someone’s hand in the background vaguely looking like it’s poking my hair. But at least I’m within 3 years of the age of that photo.

To take a new photo would involve:

1. Finding someone who could be considered semi-professional as a photographer, preferably a friend who won’t charge
2. Finding the time to get together
3. Figuring out the right outfit for a nice photo
4. Figuring out the right setting to take the photograph
5. Letting my new haircut grow out for at least 2-3 weeks and hitting a day when it’s not so humid that my mutant wavy Chinese hair won’t frizz
6. And most importantly, losing the 5-10 winter pounds that crept back before any public image of me gets immortalized.

To put it succinctly, the biggest obstacle is my muffin top and the extra little curve under my chin.

It’s all way too overwhelming.

I wrote Tim that list. He said I should use Profile picture #3 from Facebook. I wrote back saying that the reason I switched profile pics is that #3 is 6 years old and I thought there should be truth in advertising. He wrote back that I looked the same.

Aww. . . That’s why Tim’s my friend.

Do men freak out about photographs? Is this a purely female mid-age thing? I don’t usually think of myself as vain. My fellow mom-blogger Tara, who almost never wears make-up, wore makeup almost every day we were in 90+ degree China because she knew those photos would be immortalized.

Meanwhile our other challenge is finding a name for our blog. The least likely to succeed, but my favorite is Tim’s suggestion, “Mommaries,” which he thought was slightly more subtle than “Mommary Glands.”

Tim’s wit. . . another reason he’s my friend.

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