10.4 Pounds

That’s not the weight I’ve lost on the i-diet in this past week and 2 days (in fact, I put on 2 lbs between yesterday and today because I cheated and ate a half Panini with prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil for lunch—this is what salt does!)
It’s the weight of chocolate I just removed from our kitchen cabinets.  That doesn’t even include my super secret stash of chocolate stored elsewhere (which the kids constantly steal from anyway).
My motivation is not avoiding the “availability” food instinct and getting rid of all temptations.  My motivation is that it’s going to be 90 degrees today and all my chocolate will melt, thereby ruining it and my cabinets. 
Included in the 10.4 lbs are all different kinds of chocolate:
·      Unsweetened baking chocolate
·      Ghiradelli 60% dark chocolate chips
·      White chocolate chips
·      Mint chocolate chips
·      Random pieces of chocolate bars
·      2 Trader Joe’s pound plus dark chocolate bars (that we use for baking)
·      Peanut butter chips (not chocolate but close)
·      Dark chocolate Easter bunny and Easter candy
·      Vestiges of Halloween candy
·      3 Vosges hyper expensive chocolate bars my brother gave me for stocking stuffers that I still haven’t tried because it never seems like I’m able to “afford” to eat that chocolate.
Because we don’t have air-conditioning, the coolest place I can put 10.4 lbs of chocolate is my downstairs office.
Right next to my super secret stash.

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