Asian Aging

Folks keep asking me why I’m on the i-diet.

Look at the picture below and you’ll see the answer:

I’ve always said that Asian women look young, look young, look young, and then all of a sudden look like chimpanzees as their faces collapse into wrinkles.

As a peri-menopausal woman, I feel the tug towards that chubby cheeked round pot of a woman and I’m trying to avoid it the best I can, hence the i-diet.

Meanwhile, true confessions. . .  I cheated.

Not on the diet, I’ve been doing that daily.  But I swore I couldn’t buy any new clothes until I’d lost 5 lbs and maintained that loss for a week.  Well I lost 5 pounds and maintained it for 2 days–and then the Talbots Outlet sent me an email for 10% off my entire purchase.

I couldn’t stand it.  Like an addict, I craved my junk.  The lure of savings and cheap clothes drew me inexorably towards Woburn and the Talbots Outlet.  When I got there, certain jeans were on sale for $7.99.  I couldn’t resist, I bought 2 pairs, plus a white tank top for $9.99.

I presented my coupon and saved a grand total of $2.59.

The power of advertising, a coupon and incredibly cheap jeans lured me to cheat on my vow.   I’m confessing this to the world in atonement.

Meanwhile, I’ve got to re-engage with the diet.  4th of July excess means I’m no longer 5 lbs lighter.

Sigh.  I’m sliding back towards being the chubby cheeked round bodied chimpanzee.

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