Light Knight Rising

This message is one in which we can begin to recognize who we really are.  So when you close eyes, where are you? Where is this body you cling too?  When the eyes are closed it seems to be gone, the only reminder of the body is the senses you have.  So my question to you is, if this body is only recognized by the senses, then where in fact are you? Where is this YOU we are all talking about? And is this you, me, my, that we cling too  not really here, then maybe you are not the center of the universe. Which may mean that in fact we are never really co-creating. it may mean that LIGHT is moving the body and mind. If this is the case, then what are we thinking about all day long? What are we worried about? Perhaps our guilt, shame, and lies which we feel we are getting away with; do not want to be seen for what they really are, nonsense.

So can you turn your attention away from thinking and turn it to heaven.  And as you turn to heaven, can you forgive yourself for all you have ever done to another. Can you forgive your enemies? Because, like the sun, God is everywhere present at the same time. So there is no judgment of you, no good, bad you.  So our thinking endlessly is really selfish. Because our thoughts are always thinking about ourselves.  But the scripture says, “Peace be still.” St. Francis says, “Let me be an instrument of your peace.” Do you see, “Let ME be.”  Let this little me just finally succumb to the “being nature”.  That is freedom. To get out of your little box.  Some people live there 24/7. They are trapped. They believe in the world of money, fame, success, people pleasing, following the herd, talking all the time and not listening to anyone, taking, etc…each of us has been there. Now the light is rising.  Can you give up thinking for being? And trust in the whole. If you can then you will be leading a life on the brink of amazing. Your life will be filled with peace, love, joy, and it will be endless. Because then your life will no longer be a constant doing but it will be laser like action.  Are you in?


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