Day 52 of 90: Moksha Yoga, The “D” Word And Miracles

Day 52 of 90 straight days of hot yoga at Moksha Yoga LA and I relaxed in the lobby before entering class.  I love sharing.  Today I had a wonderful opportunity to talk with another man about his divorce and he shared how yoga saved him.  The mind is funny, because when I heard divorce, my mind registered “divine”.

Divorce hit me hard and going through it at times felt like a very lonely experience.  Looking back I probably went through periods of depression and anxiety.  It felt like the wind got knocked right out me.  So I understand the word “divorce” can really scare people or the labels people put on it. So to hear “divine” in place of divorce it allowed me to open up to a new inspired gift today.  It would be wonderful if were going through a divorce, job loss, financial loss, health problem, etc… if instead of labeling it with any of those words, we called it divine.

So it may look like this, “Hey David I thought you were married?” And I would reply, “I was but the divine showed up and decided it was best to move in another direction for both of us.” The other person, “Congratulations on the divine showing up.” And my response, “Thank you”.

So today I looked at this experience on my mat as the divine showing up and practicing. For when we say, “Namaste”, are we not actually acknowledging the divine in each of us.  Teacher Grant was wonderful with the practice today, allowing us to use a block between our thighs to feel the the inward pull of the thighs in our poses, and the strength of the inner muscles.  Grant is wonderful with explaining each pose and even demonstrating for us the right way. When we pull in the body, go into our breath, we are acknowledging our real strength.  Yoga is not about how bendy you are, or flexible, but can you allow the breath to express the pose. When it is all working you can’t help but acknowledge the divine right where you are.  The miracle you actually are.  You have this breath which is breathing you and us without judgment of your life, experience, or anything. That is beautiful. Don’t you think?

After class I  went to Clover Juice and had a wonderful shake entitled CHIA SPA, good for hydrating and had Omega in it and other great tings.  I love Clover it offers so many different things and today I had to toss a coin.

Good bye my divine friend….to day 53…Namaste

   David Matthew Brown:  Heart Speaker, Heart Trainer to the Stars, Author, Dad, Student, and Blogger.  Radio Host of INSIDE OUT. Expert on TV/RADIO

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