Heart Vortex 2014

Happy New You In 2014!! I celebrate your life, your abundance, your health, your heart, your laughter, your joy, and your play! Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts.” How wonderful is the mystic Shakespeare. Your heart is experiencing the experience of life as it is happening right now.  The mind is the scribe.  The mind is writing a story of what it “thinks” is happening. So what we think is what we believe about life. The heart knows, and the mind wants to know. The mind can never understand the heart, but the heart understands the use of the mind.

Life is love and love is life and this experience is only happening truly in the heart.  For example, when you fall in love with someone in your heart, inspiration blossoms, excitement of the new happens, and tingles, and wonder unfolds. You have know idea where this going. If you can stay here all would be wonderful, but the scribe who is writing the myth of your life in the mind, is who you trust more, and the story teller is reminding you and  relating to you the past, the hurts, and so it begins to remind the heart of why this may not be safe.  So if you abide solely in the mind, the change can not ever happen, because the story teller in the mind will always win out. So we are learning to turn away from the mind and abide in the heart.

When you abide in the heart, and stay faithful in your heart then change is extraordinary, change is life, and life is love.  Look at your finger nails and hair, they are always growing, cells in your body are always changing, thoughts, people come and go, nothing is the same, except in the mind. The storyteller likes comfort and “thinks” change is awful, because the storyteller is concerned about appearance, approval, proving, control, judgements, and can’t ever understand life.

Many people ask, “How are you doing today?” What would be more truthful is, “How are you thinking today?” but the heart meet you now, “How are you being now?”The heart is a powerful vortex of love, have faith in it!

Abide in the heart in 2014!! Magic happens now!

  David Matthew Brown: Speaker, facilitator, Author, Dad. David’s work is in the heart and helping people live from Inspiration!

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