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Resurrection is the Christian term for defiance

In a wonderful op-ed for The Guardian, Canon Giles Fraser talks about what Easter and resurrection mean for his centuries-old parish in South London: On Sunday morning, just before dawn, a group of us gathered outside church and kindled a small bonfire. From there we passed the flame to a large candle and processed it into the nave – the tentative, flickering light illuminating the dark corners of the building. And from that large candle, we all lit our own individual candles, passing the light … [Read more...]

Political Choices and Decisions For Jesus

As the Republican and Democratic primaries rage on, folks across the country are being faced with a choice. For some that choice is a difficult one; for others it's a matter of sanity versus outright stupidity.And I'll admit, when it comes to the two GOP frontrunners, Decision '16 pretty cut and dry for me: #NeverEither.But these political choices have me thinking about another choice, and maybe the parallel is more obvious than ever in this political season. Namely, the choice, the … [Read more...]

Katelyn Beaty compares Trump evangelicals to Mark Driscoll

In an op-ed for the New York Times, Christianity Today editor Katelyn Beaty makes an interesting comparison between the kinds of evangelical leaders that follow Trump and those who might follow or resemble Mark Driscoll: But there are evangelical leaders with whom Trump would feel quite at home. Like him, they are middle-aged men who refuse to submit to basic checks on their power and ego...So long as there is growth, many evangelicals hesitate to address clear and troubling signs of … [Read more...]

The Campaign Ad That Always Makes Me Misty (Yeah, It’s Bernie)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nwRiuh1CugThis year I decided to make no bones about my support of one of the Democratic presidential candidates.Bernie Sanders.And this video sums up why I feel that, as a Wesleyanabaptist messy-middle Christian, I can express my public support with no qualms. Namely, Bernie is the closest thing we have to a candidate who champions the cause of real people, real Americans, and particularly those who are struggling economically or marginalized and o … [Read more...]

Ruth Graham Reports On the Addition of Wayne Grudem to Rubio’s Advisory Board

Ruth Graham reports at Slate on Rubio's latest attempt get that elusive and necessary evangelical vote. Namely, he's assembled an advisory board of sorts with some evangelical heavies, including Rick Warren. Notably, he just added Wayne Grudem - whose systematic theology and views on complementarianism are gold standards in the Neo-Calvinist world - to the board.Here's Ruth: Grudem is one of the leading proponents of complementarianism. In fact, he has claimed a role in coining the term—a hi … [Read more...]

Donald Trump to speak at Liberty University – and Maybe Pack Heat?

The Washington Post is reporting that The Donald will be the next presidential candidate to speak at Liberty University. And given Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr.'s recent exhortation to students to get concealed carry licenses so they can kill "those Muslims" before a terrorist attack happens on campus, I'm guessing Trump will receive a rousing reception. Perhaps he'll even pack heat!Oh, and there's this: On a recent Fox News segment, Falwell said his three favorite presidential contenders … [Read more...]

Breaking: Wheaton Professor Larycia Hawkins To Be Fired

I wrote a bit about this situation here, but the Chicago Tribune is now reporting that Wheaton is pursuing termination procedures with tenured professor Larycia Hawkins. Prof. Hawkins, you'll remember, came under fire from the school after wearing a hijab in solidarity with peaceful Muslims and then writing that Christians and Muslims "worship the same God."Here's the Tribune: Larycia Hawkins, a tenured political science professor who in December demonstrated solidarity with her Muslim n … [Read more...]

Brian Zahnd on Losing Jesus and Finding Him Again…In Theology and Liturgy!

My bishop-at-large Brian Zahnd wrote yesterday comparing the story of Mary losing young Jesus in Jerusalem to his own faith-experience of losing Jesus. He writes: Losing Jesus. Finding Jesus. Rethinking Jesus. This is how we make spiritual progress. This is the only way we make spiritual progress! Yes! This is exactly my experience, and it's at the heart of discovering what it means to be Jesus-centered anew and afresh. In fact, this is also at the heart of what it means to be a New Ch … [Read more...]

Where’s Worship? On the Loss of Adoration in Our Caroling

At The Atlantic today, Emma Green astutely comments on the famous chorus in the beloved carol O Come All Ye Faithful - "Oh come let us adore him":Adore is a curious word. In English, it’s become a cutesy toss-off, best used around baby chicks (“Adoooorable!”) or under-$50 Christmas presents (“Oh, I just adore Yankee Christmas Candles!”). It denotes obsession, but in a sugar-high kind of way—a burst of intense affection that doesn’t necessarily reach the depths of the soul. But the word comes … [Read more...]

Volf, Islam, and a Jesus-Centered Take on Wheaton Professor Hawkins

Yesterday, Yale theologian (and one of my theological leading lights) Miroslav Volf responded to the recent suspension of Professor Larycia Hawkins by Wheaton College. Hawkins wore a hijab to stand in solidarity with innocent Muslims who are increasingly targeted by harsh rhetoric and even violence because of jihadist terrorism.But that's not why Hawkins was suspended.She was suspended for saying that she, an evangelical Christian, and Muslims "worship the same God."Volf has, of … [Read more...]