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Zach J. Hoag is an Author, Preacher, and Content Creator who writes and curates here at The Apocalypse Review. You can also catch him at his author blog, zhoag.com.

Guns Don’t Kill People…


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Planned Parenthood Is Not the Problem (At Least, Not Exactly)


Planned Parenthood is not the problem.At least, not exactly. The problem is the cultural ideology that we've accepted as irrefutable gospel truth. The ideology that makes itself the arbiter of personhood, categorically dismissing the possibilities of pre-birth dignity. The ideology that celebrates (not just regrettably makes safe) the on-demand choice to end life. The ideology that these bodies, not yet born but obviously and truly human, have no inherent value.No value, that is, unless … [Read more...]

I Won’t Be Getting Patriotic This Weekend, But I Will Be Doing This

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If I could point to one moment, one watershed experience in my youth that single-handedly shaped my understanding of life, of politics, and most importantly, of rock and roll, it was when Neil Young and Pearl Jam performed "Keep On Rocking in the Free World" at the 1993 MTV Video Music Awards:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPIb2uL_wDIFirst off, can you believe that actually happened at the MTV Video Music Awards? Something that authentic? Something that pure? I mean, MTV is now a … [Read more...]

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Same-Sex Marriage and Blinding Evangelical Fear


One thing we've all learned in the wake of the #SCOTUSmarriage decision last week is that many prominent evangelical voices trade in the currency of fear.Of course, that's not what these voices would call it. They call it lamenting the "redefinition of marriage" and grieving over "institutionalizing suicidal commitments" (what).But regardless, the method is fear-mongering: leaping from the reality (that same-sex couples can now legally marry in every state) to an apocalyptic fantasy. T … [Read more...]

A STARTLING Realization in the Wake of the Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Decision


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N.T. Wright Speaking at Google? N.T. Wright Speaking at Google!!

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And it's all kinds of awesome. See what happens when the good bishop bring some Simply Good News (not good advice) to those at the mecca of technology:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEIjaHOcGFcWhat are your thoughts? … [Read more...]

But For the Grace of God: Tullian Tchividjian and a Better Gospel Through Guilt


Image from video screenshot.On Sunday night, Tullian Tchividjian, pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian (mega-)Church, resigned because of a recent affair. In fact, he explained that his affair was a response of sorts to his wife's previous affair, though I'm sure there's a lot more to it than that. In any case, Tullian is a famous pastor, author, and speaker who has devoted his public work to a single topic: Grace.After his resignation Sunday, he tweeted … [Read more...]

On Coming Back (But Don’t Call It a Comeback!)


Sometimes it's time to come back.This blog has been dormant for a few months because I thought it was time to go. And it was. At the time.And all of the reasons for my then-permanent, now-temporary departure are still true, with perhaps one adjustment that has become clear after some time away. Yes, I have a much clearer sense of calling and direction these days, with a better grip on the spaces I want to work and write in (like my new author website/blog, HuffPost, and RNS). And no, I'm … [Read more...]

I Wanted War and I Was Wrong


I remember debating the crunchy telemark ski instructors at the resort where I worked as Snowboard Director.  I had watched the Gulf War on TV and I had watched the Twin Towers fall on TV and it seemed like another one of the former would be a fine and dandy solution to the latter. When Bush got Congress to approve the invasion of Iraq, I wanted war. At that time in my life, I was full - full of ideas culled mainly from conservative talk radio and conservative Reformed theology. I needed to be … [Read more...]

Stop Talking About Women in Ministry


We need to stop talking about women in ministry. Really, we do.Because every time we, men, talk about women in ministry we, perhaps inadvertently, place ourselves in the center of the conversation.We essentially communicate that we, men, are the ones who get to debate the "issue" of women in ministry. We, men, are the ones who are authoritative enough to adjudicate the "matter" at hand. We, men, are the ones who can, in the affirmative or the negative, make the decision and swing the … [Read more...]