Send a Message to the NFL – Sign Petition to Ban Kneeling During the National Anthem

Send a Message to the NFL – Sign Petition to Ban Kneeling During the National Anthem September 27, 2017


It feels like America is under attack — from forces without and now even from our multi-millionaires who’ve earned their money off the support off patriotic Americans.  But the National Football League doesn’t seem to care about average Americans or about patriotism.

Sign this petition to send a message to the NFL, loud and clear.  Every player should be proud to be an American, or they can get out of the league.  Recently, President Donald Trump suggested the league ban kneeling during the anthem, and now is your change to say whether or not you agree.

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  • T Seymour

    No one cares at this point. NFL players who take a knee and disrespect those who died for their freedom are losers and I have no use for them.

  • Joan Towles

    As much as the media tries to cover up the NFL game booing on National Television, everyone knows we out number them all. Ditto T Seymour.

  • 0bsoleteMan

    How about we just stop watching the NFL altogether? No private company which takes public funds is worth saving.

  • jensensah

    The arrogance of Goodell is enough to make any American loving citizen’s blood boil. When he had the audacity to say that the NFL need to be ‘RESPECTED’ yet he allows the players to DISRESPECT our flag, our country and the fan’s, only proves that the NFL has gotten to big, and too arrogant to think that they can continue to take public funding all the while spitting in the faces of the very people that support their extravagant life styles. They need to sent a message, loud and clear, that WE THE PEOPLE will not tolerate this anymore. We made the NFL, and we can TAKE THE NFL AWAY….

  • RuthAnn Crow

    If the NFL would abide by their own rules, this wouldn’t be happening. Their rules state that all players are to stand during the National Anthem. If Goodell had put a stop to this when the Muslim Kaepernick took a knee, it would have stopped. Is he afraid of hurting their feelings?

  • Linda Dieringer

    Well, you did it. I’ll not watch any more. You let them win. No national anthem tonight before Thursday night football. It’s a disgrace. Play the anthem and make them stand or stay in the locker room. I don’t want to look at them. This country and those who defend it have made it possible for these idiots to be millionaires and that’s how they show their thanks. Fire them all.


    I have been a loyal NFL fan for more than 45 years, no more. I am turning off the NFL network and stopped watching games on broadcast TV. My employer has rules that I must follow and the NFL should stand up and do the same. If you cannot support the country that supports you then leave. Players are not much more than entertainers, do the job you were paid for and if you want to protest do it on your own time and do not affect all of us that paid to watch you PLAY a game.