CNN Tries to Get Waffle House Hero to Criticize Trump, but He Doesn’t Take the Bait

CNN Tries to Get Waffle House Hero to Criticize Trump, but He Doesn’t Take the Bait May 7, 2018

A recent shooting at an Antioch, Tennessee Waffle House left four people dead.  This tragedy was thwarted by a customer without a gun, a man named James Shaw, Jr. who wrestled the man to the ground, causing him to run away.  Shaw has been hailed as a hero, a label he’s resisted.  He repeatedly has said that he simply reacted in a way that could save his own life.

What a breath of fresh air!  But his humble attitude doesn’t stop entities like CNN from trying to turn him into some sort of Cindy Sheehan:  Independent Journal Review reports that CNN’s Van Jones tried to seduce the hero (no matter what he says) into criticizing President Donald Trump on Friday. Because, that makes sense.  Jones pointed out that the President reached out to Kanye, but not the Shaw:

Jones kicked off the segment by asking Shaw whether or not he had heard from the president. Shaw said that he hadn’t, but that he couldn’t say for certain whether or not the White House had attempted to make contact. “I haven’t heard anything, but that’s not to say he didn’t try to contact me, or not.”

Jones then took things a step further, saying, “he gave a shout out to Kanye today. How do you feel when the President of the United States missed an opportunity to hold up somebody who’s trying to do good stuff like you?”

Does anyone else find this line of reasoning odd?  Why did Jones lump Kayne (a rapper and megastar) into the same category as Shaw (a courageous Waffle House customer)?  What do they have in common other than gender and race?  Anyway, Shaw didn’t take the bait, once again demonstrating his humility and dignity.

“I know he has a busy agenda, a busy schedule. Maybe he just hasn’t got around to me. Maybe my time is coming. It’s not for me to judge what he does,” he responded.  “I did what I did and I didn’t really do it for recognition, just to save my life honestly.”

Watch the video below:

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