NBA Finals Hats Anger Liberals, for a (Very) Ridiculous Reason

NBA Finals Hats Anger Liberals, for a (Very) Ridiculous Reason June 4, 2018

Well, you knew that liberals would get angry at something related to the NBA playoffs, and it has nothing to do with how irritating the Golden State Warriors are.  Instead it deals with the letters on their playoff hats being partially covered in a way that might make the hats look like they support the National Rifle Association.

Yes, really.   Lidblog has the details:

Each team’s hat contains its logo, along with the league’s, and the words “2018 NBA Finals.” Or at least, that’s what the intention. The teams’ logos were rendered a little too large, however, causing them to overlap and obscure the text. Instead of “NBA Finals,” the hats appear to read “NRA Finals.”

And it apparently did rile up some liberals, who apparently just can’t stand the idea that organizations exist to support the second amendment.  One person tweeted, “Somebody at the @NBA really dropped the ball with these hats. Does anyone else see 2018 NRA FINALS? Decrease the font, and make sure it clearly says NBA, guys. #Warriors #Rockets #NBAPlayoffs #GSWvsHOU

Others laughed, congratulating the NBA for finally supporting gun rights, while some said the players should throw the hats in the garbage can.

Of course, the hats’ political message were completely unintentional.  According to Lidblogs:

The NBA has taken great pains to disassociate itself from any marketing involving guns or gun terminology. In 1997, the Washington Bullets were renamed the Washington Wizards because then-owner Abe Pollin thought the nickname conjured up associations with street violence.

It seems like politics seeps into every single aspect of American life…  and this latest hat kerfuffle shows that this will not be abating any time soon.

At least — maybe — it adds a little bit of drama to an otherwise frustrating series.

Hat Tip: Lidblog

Image Credit: By Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA (LeBron James) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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