PARISH REPORT: Pastor “Shocked” To See Front Pews Filled At Mass

PARISH REPORT: Pastor “Shocked” To See Front Pews Filled At Mass November 25, 2015

church-509732_640(AoftheANews) QUAD CITIES – Fr Phil Irrupp, pastor of St. Curds and Whey, couldn’t believe his eyes during the Processional at the 11:00 AM Mass this past Sunday.

“Approaching the sanctuary, I saw that the front pews were completely full,” Fr. Irrupp told AoftheA News. “I was shocked. There were plenty of seats available throughout the church, and even some empty pews at the back. And these weren’t visitors, but regular parishioners!”

Lector Ken Nyptchen confirmed Fr Illupp’s story. “The church was maybe three quarters full. It was weird seeing families in those front pews.”

“I still don’t understand how or why that happened,” Fr Illupp said. “In fact, it was so strange, I nearly lost my train of thought a couple times during the homily.”

AoftheA News has issued inquiries requesting interviews with the families who sat in the front pews, but as of the time of this report, no one has come forward to explain their actions.

Image via Pixabay

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  • Kathleen

    Cute … I sat in the back until they wired the front pews for those of us with hearing aids. So – if I want to hear, I need to sit up front. BUT … I can see better from the back!

  • prairiebunny

    I don’t trust these people.I always sit in the back of the church where all the good catholics can be found.

  • Irrup changed to Illrup halfway through.

  • ama

    This is just wrong! Everyone knows those pews are to be left open for the poor families with toddlers and infants who come to mass 20 minutes late.

  • candide

    People avoid the front pews lest God see them.