IRAQ – A Clash of Worldviews

IRAQ – A Clash of Worldviews March 12, 2007
This story retold by Chuck Colson brought a little bit of warmth to my day. In all the horrors of the ongoing war in Iraq — and let’s not forget U.S. soldiers are also at times the ones firing on their enemies — a bit of humanity, or rather the image of God, shines through from time to time:

“I have never seen a more dramatic example of worldviews in contrast, nor have I been prouder of an American G.I. On one hand, we have the horrors of a civilization that values death — even the death of its own children — if by killing them they can hurt the infidels. On the other side, we have a story that makes us realize just how deeply embedded within American life is our Judeo-Christian heritage. This heritage teaches that human life is sacred—even the life of an enemy who falls into our hands.”

— Chuck Colson, “Thirty Pints of Blood,”

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