Adrian’s Charisma Mag article

Adrian’s Charisma Mag article November 9, 2013

God works all things out for his sovereign purpose. One of the joys to me since the Strange Fire fiasco has been the way charismatics have actually been emboldened and have come together. When someone attacks a group they tend to rise up as one man to defend and in so doing a new camaraderie is formed. New alliances are sometimes formed also. It never ceases to amaze me how diffuse the body of Christ is. I’ve only recently discovered and enjoyed some articles I’ve read over at Charisma magazine’s news site so I’m thrilled to report that they have published a new article I’ve written about the rich experiential heritage of centuries of Christians through the ages. I’d encourage you to pop over there to a site you may not have visited before and read it and perhaps join the active discussion that is going on in the comments over there.

The article is titled Strange Fire: Can We All Agree That Experience of God Is Vital?

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