UK Launch of God’s Not Dead less than two weeks

UK Launch of God’s Not Dead less than two weeks April 5, 2014

Great news for all my British readers: God’s Not Dead opens in the UK on Friday 18th April!

The movie has has seen incredible success in America, where at the end of it’s second week it sat at Number 3 in the secular box office charts, and by the end of this weekend will have probably have taken $30M.

More importantly the movie has been having a strong impact on those who watch it. Tears, laughter, and applause can regularly be heard as audiences engage in the experience. Christians leave with a renewed determination to stand up for Jesus and to prepare themselves to do so. As I explained in a previous post, the film was inspired by a book of the same name that will help you better understand the arguments for God.

There have also been reports of conversions by people watching it. No wonder some atheists are strongly criticizing it!

Initially, the movie will be showing in a number of Showcase and Odeon cinemas.

It is vital that the film opens to sold out screens so that it can then spread to other cinemas. I urge you to buy tickets if you can.

Showcase tickets are on sale already, and Odeon go on sale very soon. Check out the theatre list here.

In the meantime, if you are a UK pastor please consider mentioning this at church tomorrow. You can even download the following trailer and play it to your people if you want.

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  • Abi

    I have been trying to contact someone regarding showing this in NW London but there is still no showings. What can we do please?

    • Hi Abi, Take a look at the new updated cinema list: is there one here close enough for you? The goal is to keep adding new cinemas, the best thing we can do is to make sure that the existing showings are as full as possible, this will lead to more being added.

      • Abi

        Hi, I have checked and the issue is both locations are far and they finish late around 8pm. I am planning to organise youths from a number of churches in the North West and leaving them to get home at that time is a concern. If we had the Cineworld at Wembley or Staples corner or the Odeon or Vue that is at Park Royal with showings at the weekend that would be great

      • Abi

        I have started to get support for us to go and watch this at our local cinema and guess what its being showing at an unreasonable time and midweek. Here I was thinking it would show up this weekend but no its next Wednesday then that’s its.
        Apparently they had limited viewing of a film that they lady in ‘Vue’ told me was really popular only for someone else to tell me ‘its not that popular’. Something is wrong!!!!!

  • Abi

    There doesn’t appear to be any showings after yesterday. It was only given one slot!!! Who can work with me to bring it closer to us an at a decent slot?

  • Rratio

    We wanted to run a ‘Logical Fallacy Bingo’ at a showing of God’s Not Dead but sadly it’s not on anywhere. How long ’til it’s out on Blueray?