Warnie’s Most Read Posts During 2017

Warnie’s Most Read Posts During 2017 December 29, 2017


It is my habit at this point in the year to highlight my most popular posts of the past year. This is based on how many times these posts have been viewed throughout the year.  It is a good reminder that what is new is not always what is best, since none of these posts were written this year! As such, it is a walk down memory lane, or a peek back in time.

I know that many of these choices will be be heavily influenced by google algorithms. But I trust that behind the computer wizardry, the hand of a compassionate creator has been pointing people to posts that will help them.  I offer this list in the hope that in a quiet moment, some of these might encourage your hope right now.

  1. Six Things Christians and Muslims disagree about over Jesus

  2. RESURRECTION HOPE – An Easter Sermon

  3. John MacArthur accuses half-a-billion Christians of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit

  4. Will a Christian who commits suicide go to heaven?

  5. God Breaks Those He Wants To Make Great

  6. SERMON: Abounding in Thanksgiving

  7. God’s word to the suicidal: Bible verses to help prevent suicide

  8. SERMON – Building for the Glory of God: Nehemiah 3

  9. SERMON – Reviving Prayer – 1 Kings 17:1 to 2 Kings 2:14

  10. God’s word to the depressed: Bible verses on Depression

  11. ABOUND IN HOPE! – A Sermon on Romans 15:13

  12. God’s word for the agitated and manic: Bible verses for those with Bipolar Disorder

  13. Word of Wisdom, Word of Knowledge

  14. Top Bible Verses Explained: Proverbs 3:5-6 – Conditions for Guidance

  15. A Wedding Sermon

  16. We grieve, but not in the same way as those who have no hope

  17. God’s Word for those who cannot sleep

  18. A sermon on Jesus’ Resurrection and its implications for us (Romans 4:25)

  19. A Good Friday Sermon

  20. What is the fivefold ministry? How do apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers function?

  21. Examples of mental anguish and depression in the Bible

  22. Should a Christian go to counseling with a secular therapist?

  23. God wants you to be really happy – a sermon on joy

  24. SERMON: Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness

  25. Gender: Complementarian vs Egalitarian Spectrum

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