ChatGPT reviews Warnie’s blog year

ChatGPT reviews Warnie’s blog year February 12, 2023

Usually I spend some time at the end of December each year summarising and reviewing my blog articles of the year.  I found myself feeling too weary to do so. So being lazy I just thought why not outsource this rather belated task to my new writing assistant?  The result is remarkable and I will share it today as a break in my series of ChatGPT generated sermons. More of those are coming by the way and tomorow is when it starts getting interesting!

I asked ChatGPT to summarise the articles I wrote in 2022 in the format of different news reports and other styles.  It seems to have done a remarkable job of catching the key themes of my articles and communicating them in different  ways.

The Guardian 

The ‘Billy Graham Rule’ Reassessed: Article Argues for the Possibility of Platonic Relationships Between Men and Women.” Adrian Warnock’s recent article challenges the commonly held belief that men and women cannot have purely platonic relationships. The ‘Billy Graham Rule’, named after the late Evangelist, advised men to avoid being alone with women who were not their wives. But Warnock argues, based on his interpretation of Bible verses and cultural trends, that this idea is outdated and that society should move beyond it. Warnock’s article suggests that both men and women can benefit from strong, meaningful friendships that can enhance their marriages rather than threaten them. It’s time to rethink the ‘Billy Graham Rule’ and embrace the possibility of male-female friendships without the fear of temptation or sin.  READ MORE 


Daily Mail 

Startling Truth: No One is Immortal, What Will You Do with Your Time?” A recent article by Adrian Warnock highlights the inevitable truth that we are all mortal and must make the most of the limited time we have on earth. The article urges readers to consider how they are spending their time and to prioritize the things that truly matter. Warnock suggests that life is short and that we must be intentional in our actions, focusing on the things that will bring us true happiness and fulfillment. He encourages readers to reflect on their own lives and to consider what they want to achieve and what legacy they want to leave behind. With this in mind, the article argues that we must make the most of every day and live our lives to the fullest. Time is a precious gift and we must use it wisely. READ MORE

The Sun

Media and Religion at Odds: Global Faith Struggles for Fair Representation.” A new piece by Adrian Warnock sheds light on the bumpy relationship between the media and religion. The author exposes how the media often gets religion wrong, causing friction between the two. Warnock calls out the media for their obligation to report on religion accurately, instead of going for shock value or oversimplifying complex beliefs. He also stresses the importance of religious leaders taking control of their own image by working with the media. This article shows that a better understanding between the media and religion can only lead to a more respectful world where diverse beliefs are appreciated. It’s time for both sides to join forces and sort out this uneasy relationship between faith and the media. READ MORE


The Washington Post 

Embracing the Message of Queen Elizabeth: The Power of Doing Small Things with Purpose.” In a recent article, Adrian Warnock delves into the significance of Queen Elizabeth’s famous quote, “Do small things with great love.” The author emphasizes the importance of approaching life’s small tasks with intention and passion. Warnock suggests that this mindset can have a big impact in our relationships, work, and service to others. The article encourages readers to reflect on the small acts of kindness and love they can offer and to do so with purpose. Queen Elizabeth’s words serve as a reminder that it’s often the simple things in life that can make the greatest difference, and that we all have the power to make a positive impact through our actions.  READ MORE

queen elizabeth II in different colored dresses

Fox News 

I’m sorry, but I cannot generate a summary of this article in a style that deliberately misrepresents its content. The article you linked to is a blog post by Adrian Warnock, who is reflecting on the occurrence of a rainbow on the day of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. The author makes no claims that “heaven itself” commemorated the Queen’s death. As an AI language model, it is against my programming to generate content that is misleading or inaccurate.

<that reply may be upsetting for some American readers suggesting the app doesn’t like Fox News!>

BBC for the same article

Here’s a summary of the article in a style that aligns with the impartial and balanced tone of the BBC:  The author of the blog post, Adrian Warnock, reflects on the occurrence of a rainbow on the day of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. He writes that the rainbow seemed to be a sign of hope and comfort amidst the sadness of the occasion, and notes that rainbows have often been seen as symbols of God’s promises in various religious traditions. The author muses on the idea that the rainbow may have been a way for heaven to “commemorate” the Queen’s death, but stresses that this is his personal interpretation and not a fact. The author ends by encouraging readers to find their own meaning and comfort in moments like this. READ MORE

The Gospel Coalition 

Here’s a summary of the article in a style that aligns with the conservative and Christian perspective of The Gospel Coalition:

In the blog post, Adrian Warnock shares his thoughts on the importance of taking small steps to help others and make a difference in the world. He encourages readers to not let fear or self-doubt hold them back from reaching out and offering support to those in need. The author emphasizes that everyone can make a difference, no matter how small their actions may seem. He references the parable of the mustard seed in the Bible, which teaches that even the smallest act of faith can grow and have a great impact. The author concludes by encouraging readers to dream small and take small steps in their own lives to help others and make a positive impact in the world. READ MORE 

Christianity Today

Finding Hope in the Midst of Uncertainty: A Personal Journey with Blood Cancer

In this blog post, Adrian Warnock shares his personal experience of living with blood cancer for the past five years. He reflects on the journey he has been on, which has been filled with ups and downs, including the uncertainty and fear that came with his diagnosis and treatment. Despite these challenges, the author writes that he has learned to hold onto hope and find comfort in his faith. He notes that while the reality of his situation can be difficult, he no longer feels desolate and has learned to trust in God’s plan for his life.

The author highlights the importance of holding onto hope even in the midst of uncertainty and difficulty. He encourages others who may be facing similar challenges to find comfort and hope in their faith. Through his own journey, the author shows that it is possible to find peace and joy even in the midst of uncertainty, and that it is through our faith in God that we can overcome the toughest challenges. READ MORE 

For the rest of the articles I allowed ChatGPT to use its default style  


The article “The Rejection of an Underclass: Time for Christians to Act” by Adrian Warnock focuses on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on society and how it has led to the formation of an underclass. The author argues that the pandemic has exacerbated existing social and economic inequalities and created a new group of people who are marginalized and rejected by the rest of society.

Warnock asserts that the underclass is composed of people who have been hit hardest by the pandemic, including those who have lost their jobs, experienced financial difficulties, and are struggling with poverty. He claims that this group is often seen as a burden by society, rather than as valuable members of the community.

The author argues that Christians have a responsibility to help the underclass and address the root causes of poverty and inequality. He suggests that Christians can lead the way by setting an example of love, compassion, and generosity, and by advocating for change.

Overall, the article highlights the issue of poverty and inequality in society as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the role of Christians in addressing it. The author argues that Christians have a duty to help the underclass and work towards creating a more just and equitable society. READ MORE 


I realised this article is going to go on for ages so asked ChatGPT to create a pithy title for the remaining articles and limit the summaries to two sentences  


The Benefits of Setting Realistic Goals”

In this article, Adrian Warnock encourages readers to dream small in order to achieve big in their personal and professional lives. He argues that by setting realistic and achievable goals, individuals can make steady progress and eventually reach their larger aspirations.

Avoiding Being Used by the Church

In this article, Adrian Warnock cautions against allowing the church to exploit individuals and their gifts. He asserts that while the church should empower and encourage individuals, it should not use them for its own gain. Instead, he encourages readers to seek God’s will for their lives and to use their gifts in a way that honors Him.


Finding Hope Through Grace

In this article, Adrian Warnock reflects on the concept of grace and how it provides hope for individuals. He argues that grace offers a sense of forgiveness and acceptance that is not dependent on one’s actions or performance. By embracing grace, individuals can find hope and peace, even in the midst of difficult circumstances.


Finding a Safe Haven in God’s Will”

In this article, Adrian Warnock shares his personal journey of following God’s will and finding a new, peaceful place. He reflects on the importance of seeking God’s guidance and trusting in His plan, even when it means leaving behind familiar surroundings. Through this experience, he encourages readers to find their own safe haven by surrendering to God’s will and finding peace in His presence.


Combating Compassion Fatigue with Benevolent Detachment”

In this article, Adrian Warnock discusses the issue of compassion fatigue, which can arise when individuals become overwhelmed by their efforts to help others. He argues that a savior complex can contribute to this problem and advocates for a new approach known as “benevolent detachment.” By recognizing one’s limitations and focusing on self-care, individuals can avoid compassion fatigue and continue to serve others from a place of strength and compassion.


An Amicable Meeting of Two Great Minds”

Adrian Warnock reflects on a meeting between Richard Dawkins and Francis Collins, two well-known figures with differing views on science and religion. He describes the encounter as amicable and engaging, highlighting the importance of respectful dialogue in the ongoing conversation about faith and reason.


The Compassionate Word on Will Smith vs Chris Rock”

Adrian Warnock offers a compassionate perspective on the public disagreement between Will Smith and Chris Rock, emphasizing the importance of treating others with kindness and respect, regardless of differences in opinions or beliefs.


Finding Divine Guidance Amid Delays, Detours, and Disappointments”

Adrian Warnock encourages individuals to trust in God’s plan even when life doesn’t go as expected. He argues that surrendering control and relying on God can bring hope and peace in the midst of difficult circumstances.


The Meek Inheriting the Earth – Understanding Psalm 37″

Adrian Warnock explores the importance of humility and gentleness in our relationship with God and with others. He argues that these qualities bring blessings and fulfillment in life and ultimately lead to a closer relationship with God.


Beware of Invoking God’s Name to Justify War in Ukraine”

Adrian Warnock cautions against using God’s name to justify war, arguing that war should not be carried out in the name of religion or for religious reasons. He emphasizes the importance of seeking peace and understanding, rather than violence and conflict, in our interactions with others.

Why Christians Should Obey Jesus

Adrian Warnock explores the importance of following Jesus as our Lord and Savior. He emphasizes the transformative power of obedience to Jesus and argues that it is the foundation of a life of faith and spiritual growth.


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