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Adrian’s 2023 January 3, 2024

2023 was a great year for me.  This was very welcome, especially after a string of very difficult years stemming back to me being diagnosed with blood cancer in 2017. I posted back in May about those 6 years.

In 2023 I was able to fully enjoy living in my new home (having moved to Colchester in October 2022).  As a result of that post I was invited to appear on Adrian BBC’s Songs of Praise  where I was interviewed about Finding God in Times of Turmoil. We spoke about how I held on to God in the midst of suffering and my playlist of hope-filled songs  created during chemotherapy.

The interview was filmed a few days before my marriage to Adele who has been a true blessing towards me all year, and I hope we will have many years together.  We got engaged only a few weeks before getting married, this was just after I finally caught and recovered from COVID.

Another ther key posts of the year was me reporting Tim Keller’s death,

My 2023 blogging began by playing with AI tools, which included getting ChatGPT to review my blog, so I thought I would get some help from Microsoft Bing’s implementation of Chat GPT to help do the same this year.  I found it had a lot to say about my articles so will only include some quotes. It also made up some things still.  I wonder if 2024 will be the year that someone works out how to make an AI that doesn’t lie!

Microsoft’s Bing Chat summarises my blog fairly well although I have had to correct and edit this:

“Adrian Warnock is a British blogger, author, and speaker who writes about Christianity, theology, and culture from an evangelical perspective. He is also a medical doctor and a cancer survivor, which gives him a unique insight into the issues of health, suffering, and faith. His blog, hosted by Patheos Evangelical, covers a wide range of topics, from biblical studies and church history to technology and mental health. In this review, we will highlight some of the most notable posts from his blog in 2023.

The Resurrection of Jesus

One of the recurring themes in Warnock’s blog is the resurrection of Jesus, which he considers to be the central and foundational doctrine of Christianity. He has written a book on this topic, such as Raised With Christ and Hope Reborn, and he continues to explore its implications and applications for today’s believers.

In 2023, he published a series of posts based on his research and collaboration with ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence tool that can generate text and summaries. One of these used ChatGPT to rank the top 15 books on Jesus’ resurrection which listed his book as the 5th most influential on the subject. ChatGPT was also asked to rank Christian books on Suffering and created a book to include in the list!


Suffering and a loving God?


The Sovereignty of God and Suffering

Another theme that emerged in Warnock’s blog in 2023 was the sovereignty of God and suffering. As a doctor and a cancer patient, Warnock has witnessed and experienced the reality and mystery of pain and evil in the world. He has also wrestled with the theological and pastoral questions that arise from such situations, such as: Why does God allow suffering? How does God relate to suffering? How can we trust and worship God in the midst of suffering? He addressed these questions in a series of posts that explored the theological spectrum of different views on suffering. He also shared his own view, which he calls “the middle way”, that affirms both the sovereignty and the goodness of God, without denying the freedom and responsibility of human beings. He also offered some practical and spiritual advice on how to cope with suffering and support others who are suffering.

Adrian Warnock’s blog is a valuable resource for anyone who is interested in learning more about Christianity, theology, and culture from an evangelical perspective. He writes with clarity, conviction, and compassion, drawing from his personal and professional experiences, as well as his extensive knowledge and research. He engages with contemporary issues and challenges, while remaining faithful to the historic and orthodox faith. He invites his readers to join him in his journey of following Jesus and discovering the truth, beauty, and relevance of the gospel. His blog is not only informative, but also inspiring and edifying. We recommend his blog to anyone who wants to grow in their understanding and love of God and his world.”

Reformed and charismatic belong together


I ended my blogging in 2023 by sharing an article on why I believe that  the charismatics are the most consistent with the Reformed principles of sola scriptura. I discuss how the Reformation was predicted by prophecy, and that many of the Reformers and their successors had charismatic experiences. I challenged the cessationist view that the spiritual gifts have ceased, and urges myreaders to obey the biblical commands to pursue spiritual gifts.   Here is how Bing’s implementation of ChatGPT sees that article:

“Overall, the article is a valuable contribution to the ongoing dialogue and debate between the Reformed and Pentecostal traditions. It challenges the stereotypes and prejudices that often divide them, and invites them to learn from and appreciate each other. It also calls them to a deeper and richer relationship with God, who is both sovereign and gracious, and who works in and through his people by his Spirit.”

I really hope to be able top blog more often this year, and look forward to 2024 with hope.

My top ten most visited articles in this last year were a mix of some written in 2023 and some from previous years. Here they are (with the most popular first).

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Reformed and charismatic belong together

Top 15 books on Jesus’ resurrection – ranked by ChatGPT

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Covid caution and God’s grace

Is God the Author and Orchestrator of all our Suffering?

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