Adrian’s 2020 Top 20 Articles

Adrian’s 2020 Top 20 Articles December 28, 2020

At this time of year I like to share a list of my most-read articles.  I have also reviewed the year here:

2020 vision – the year in review

Often there is a mix of old and new in the google analytics listings, but this year I thought I would share only the most popular articles that I actually wrote it 2020.  So with the most popular at the top, here they are:

Christians must stop lying about COVID19

Jordan Peterson on the Resurrection

Five Truths about Suffering

Interview with Keith Getty

Five hours to change your life with Jordan Peterson

Live like you believe in God – Jordan Peterson

Newfrontiers Worship 1970s-2020s

Thankful for the UK government during Covid19

Evil Racist Murder we Must all Reject

Jesus, Have Your Way

Our Racism – deadly as COVID19

Our Culture can’t cope with Suffering

70% of churches are growing – The Covid19 Awakening

Coronavirus, Christian Mindfulness, and Meditation

A blessing from the UK church

J.I. Packer is taken to Jesus (1926-2020)

Over 1 in 1000 New Yorkers have died of COVID19 so far

Jesus is not a republican or a democrat

Corona truth telling with Billy the Atheist

Pray for God’s Kingdom


Blood Cancer Uncensored

I also started a whole new website this year which has included much more about my blood cancer journey and also some easy to read accurate articles about COVID19. My goal was to reach out to people who are suffering and might not want to come and read a religious site. You can see the top articles from my new site here:

Top Blood Cancer Uncensored Posts of 2020

"If a white guy walks down the streets of sE Washington DC you’ll see the ..."

Our Racism – deadly as COVID19
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Are COVID-19 vaccines made from aborted ..."
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Are COVID-19 vaccines made from aborted ..."
"To say that "No babies were aborted to make this vaccine," is disingenuous. Babies are ..."

Are COVID-19 vaccines made from aborted ..."

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